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U-Rock 10.11.19 11:05 pm

How to keep the Kallax life? (Elex)

Visited different branches of the dialogue,he's kind of starting to doubt but still attacks.how to be?
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Shine 10.11.19

So in any case he survives, sort of. After the battle only loses consciousness.

U-Rock 10.11.19

well, I have it dead writes)

BlackHawkReal 10.11.19

The same thing, also says that he is dead....the entire Internet scrubbed - the only thing that found, write what coldness more in conversation with him, there is an option where you need a high level of coldness, and as I understand it, coldness also affects his death, that is, the action in the game, and not just on the options dialog. But I played full on low, take the time to change does not already fulfilled everything I could and talked with everyone they could, in a conversation which could increase the coldness. Nonsense. At first I even the dialogue is not started we just talked without the possibility of choice in the dialogues, and he came down on me and everything, and then rebooted and he began to communicate with me, but you still get babuina some.

BlackHawkReal 10.11.19

If you want to try to increase the coldness, in any way, let me know then what is the result.
Me because too lazy to start over, I three times started first fulfilled the quests of all the factions, I wanted to look at someone else and who better to choose, and of course to look Bronius and weapons.

BlackHawkReal 10.11.19

In short, I am ashamed to admit, but I zayuzat cheats and checked - put coldness on 80 in the window to the level and characteristics of the character in the game, must be written - coldness: Boolean; chose the same dialogue option which requires a higher level of coldness and he still attacked me BUT I knocked him out, not killed, then he got up and we talked. Here's the answer. Guess I was right that the high level of coldness, and the coldness also affects the action in the game, not just the options in the dialogues.

U-Rock 10.11.19

well the game was already over,replay is not present desire) but logically it should be better if the coldness below? more human etc..

Flow4Master 10.11.19

BlackHawkReal wrote:
the high level of coldness, and the coldness also affects the action in the game, not just the options in the dialogue
Coldness affects the options dialog, which, in turn, affect the actions in the game.

BlackHawkReal 10.11.19

Okay, but are caught.

BlackHawkReal 10.11.19

Yes, if you play for good Persian, the coldness need low. Coldness is the type of purely libowsky characteristic because they live in the snow and cold emotionally. That is, the more you cool, the more you are inclined to the side of the evil. But interestingly, the coldness in Elex - a designation of human nature from the emotional to the logical, which, of course, an interesting idea. The film is similar to the concept of the nature of elbow in the game equilibrium. Although the Internet wrote that the coldness is not very well adapted, as in some cases, many people choose other, more appropriate to this situation options. So here too, everything is ambiguous.

DennyDJ 10.11.19

With Colexon need to be especially cool )) come to him with the snow! And close up his mouth of yellow snow! In the dialogues do not masturbate all the answers just pick the specific issues relevant to the case and it is about the Hybrid and the 4. answer two of them coldness medium and high it is advisable to choose high if not available then average then when you fight you just turn and it will go obizhenku on you ))

MARULA 10.11.19

there is a solution!in short, if you have raw Eleks Hugo need to eat I ate the whole(100 PCs)and all he's stunned

Zuy9o 10.11.19

Tell me what to do so he stayed to live with me coldness ekspressivny , but exactly is he dying!???

Ded MastDay 10.11.19

To Kallax alive, coldness should not be below insensitive
Golodnostepskiy = 100
icy calm 99-90
logical 89-80
sentimental 79-70
insensitive 69-60
neutral 59-41
intuitive 40-31
spontaneous 30-21
irrational 20-11
expressive 10-1
fully emotional 0????? dialogue, will still be a fight, but he will be stunned and not killed and you would be able to talk.

marsh resident 10.11.19

a sense to save him? kallax asshole asshole. canonical is to kallax died

marsh resident 10.11.19

Grandfather Mastday
hmm, but I have this border was somewhere in the middle of a neutral
that is, having a neutral coldness, I was available as a cool answer which kallax survived.
then specifically checked - used reserved replica with characters Cindy (give a receipt), ACE (to compensate for a murdered brother), alms to a Beggar - and boom - the coldness neutral, but in dialogue with the kallax cold answer is not available. but if the kallax to leave, it killed Rey. so you better emotional place than cold

Ded MastDay 10.11.19

marsh resident
Man, this post is already 2 years out patches, maybe a lot has changed in the game, I don't know.

marsh resident 10.11.19

Grandfather Mastday

Velimudr 25.10.20

No, not so, Alba "Cold" is not from their habitat, wrong question posed. They chose ICE because it's cold.
And here's why: They, their cult, have chosen the path of worship to the future preached by the Hybrid, who sees him. Initially, they are all people. But they began to use Elex in its purest form, and became more ruthless, colder in calculations. Only then moved to the Cold. Hybrid is a vivid example of a rare transition of the state to a much higher relative to the rest, the level, and as a result, the understanding of the universe and the coming. If you use the Elex GG, it will also increase the coldness.
Somehow so...
Why did I single out the word... it is an appeal to the admins, guys, calm down your system of anti-matukalnik, the word can not be considered veiled inside another word, which in itself does not exist without this "section" which separately would be considered a mat.

TrankDee 25.10.20

What's the point of keeping him alive then?

coolpix112 02.12.20

Brother as well as no way