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ButcherX 19.11.21 09:33 pm

Mortal Kombat X [Update 20] (2015) PC | Steam-Rip from Let \ 'sPlay (Mortal Kombat X)

I decided to update the mortal here and ran into a problem. Crack chose from reloaded because he used it before. Well, firstly, I fixed the joystick buttons according to the instructions.
Spoiler http://steamcommunity.com/app/307780/discussions/0/618459297889977279/#p3 Intros are also disabled as before. But to return the previously installed costumes is no longer possible, the game simply stops starting, throwing out an error with crocozyabras = (I will attach my Coalesced.ini and skins. the game I notice that over time the battles are getting faster, so much so that it became impossible to complete the plot .. Please advise something! (=
Spoilerhttps: //yadi.sk/d/kZk4fBJxmnwZxSpoiler
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marshallugntu 19.11.21

You put Coalesced.ini from another version, so probably?

jokermayers19 19.11.21

Can anyone help me I have a steam version of MK X

ButcherX 19.11.21

With the native Coalesced.ini, there is also acceleration in battles. And if I try to change it at least a little, the game stops turning on, there is a suspicion that some kind of file protection is working (Who knows what about this? Can't you change your suit in the new sales)

vip_ShadowShooT 19.11.21

Install repack from Xatab.

marshallugntu 19.11.21

Hardly. I changed Coalesced.ini to open alternative arenas, all the rules were

Alexander_Vesker 19.11.21

during the khatab all games are normal. I play on his ripak myself

ButcherX 19.11.21

Thanks for the advice, I'll try)

ButcherX 19.11.21

Thank you all for the tips, with the repack from the khatab, the flight is normal (= The only thing in the plot is when you change the difficulty, the speed of the game increases .. Is that so for everyone?