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eugenybernikov 22.11.21 01:37 am

does not exit dialogue mode (SpellForce 2: Shadow Wars)

Hello everyone, I have such a problem, who knows what the matter is!
I put Dragon Storm, and through it I launched and played shadow wars, and in the Crater, when talking with the skeleton of the heads, the hero after the conversation does not leave the dialogue mode and runs, and in the magnetic stones in the quest with the mosaic the same crap.
help if anyone knows.
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Iracli 22.11.21

Damn the same garbage (((, the other day I came to this place and here is such a hat ... Right now, I try to take everyone out on the map, then go to the skeleton of the current, don't get it.) But in general, if anyone knows the solution to this problem, please write.

eugenybernikov 22.11.21

so it is necessary to do, without talking to the skeleton to take out all the reptiles, the quest will be considered completed. Further, it seems so far without glitches

Iracli 22.11.21

By the way, here's the next glitch, where the burrows of the spiders need to be closed, he closed the first burrow, but he approaches the second one and blunts on a hard Th for crap who knows ????

eugenybernikov 22.11.21

among the spiders everything was fine, it was the first time
in the crystal forest there was again the same glitch with the dialogue, but I forgot to keep it, I'll try again tonight

eugenybernikov 22.11.21

if you assemble the mosaic correctly, then everything is fine, if not, then it hangs

Goren 22.11.21

Takieg glkyuki is still there when you talk with the commander of the brow in the lower city. To avoid this, you need to quickly quickly press the spacebar! Even with Mr. Tweedle after interrupting him into a man (This is there with levers and he turns into an animal.) And the most important garbage with tiles for a portal to a steel bank. It is necessary to assemble correctly right away, but after the first tile the camera is attached to the hero and bends over. the main thing is to insert everything correctly and the main thing is not to click on a slot that is already filled with tiles! This is me xs. I am still suffering over this.

Peter Shcherban 22.11.21

I have the same problem, I am struggling with the camera on the slabs of the portal to steel. You had it 5 years ago, can you tell me and the others who come after me how to deal with it?

Emris_ua 22.11.21

I had the same problem. I got to the same place and then after talking with the lieutenant the cursor went to the edge of the screen. Just press the spacebar during the dialogue with the lieutenant, preventing him from continuing the dialogue to the end. Then the game ignores this error.
Peter Scherban
Playing the new latest version, what was the trick both with the Skeleton and during the folding of the Mosaic !!!
On v1.02 License + installed patch and there were no problems (but this version does not work on 7x64) !!!
I did not speak with the Skeleton either, but in Mosaic - while folding it correctly I cannot leave the Dialogue window !!!
I wanted to complete the game normally - it will not work on the latest version of the game !!!