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Dima Lopatin 05.12.21 02:55 am

The question is about RAM. (Fallout 4)

People who have 6gb ram, do you have lags in cities. It is not possible to play on 4gb ram. Is 6gb enough for a comfortable game? With 8gb, lags are not observed, so it's a matter of RAM.
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Denis Kyokushin 05.12.21

Dima Lopatin
Games crash if there is not enough RAM

| Nekto | 05.12.21

Bro, I have 8g and I don't feel very well in the open area and especially everything is very bad when it rains !! so what the hell knows

Dima Lopatin 05.12.21

[Denis Aleksandrovich]
When I added another 4GB, the lags went away immediately.

aaTabletkA 05.12.21

I don't see lags on 4 gigs, so how lucky

Zinndate 388 05.12.21

I have 8 GB, in fact, no more than 3.5 GB is eaten, although almost everything is at the maximum

aaTabletkA 05.12.21

THINK970 you
can don’t believe me but it gives out 60 fps and 50 fps in the city