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Steven forman 05.12.21 02:55 am

What is the best way to pass the witcher? (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

It is worth first completing the main tasks, until they tell you to go to another location, and then perform additional. tasks and wedmach orders and interesting places, or should you first go through all such places, add. tasks, orders, and therefore to complete the plot, and in the new location, everything is the same with additional. quests to start?
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Yaguro 05.12.21

Steven Forman
Gradually go through the storyline, and do additional tasks and orders according to lvl.

kirayatt 05.12.21

It turned out like this: a little plot + a bunch of additional quests in villages and cities) why, because everyone must be helped !!! and stick your nose everywhere)

Good_Lewandowski 05.12.21

Do not rush. Run around the map. Otherwise, you will go through the game quickly and you will not get any pleasure from it. Enjoy the atmosphere of the North.

icebear2 05.12.21

Explore everything, a bunch of hidden recipes + quests and items.

Prohibitor 05.12.21

As you like more, so go. I xs, what problems there could be. Personally, I scored on the first pass to additional quests

m_roma 05.12.21

You go to the first notice board. There will be tasks and unknown places, you go do it.?. Then orders and top assignments, you will have a bunch of things that you can wear and sell. Here is the end, and then on the plot of the next additional task

AlexOmen 05.12.21

I first researched all the "questions" and additional quests. Later the plot took place, but this is how the "gray quests" appeared. So someone as he wants and goes.

Iasthope 05.12.21

you can go through purely basic tasks before the skellige, and then all the side tasks after it

MaraderG3 05.12.21

In general, "The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt" is one of those few games that makes sense to go through several times (5-7). Just play the first time as it is convenient for you, you can go purely according to the plot, for example, I went through it the first time. But the whole point is that some additional tasks also affect the main plot, for example, the "friendly service" task from Keira Metz, or the attempt on Radovid Redansky's life, these tasks can be skipped, but then you may not expect the most rosy ending. In short, there is no correct answer: "what to go first?" It all depends on you.

Bupycop 05.12.21

Steven Forman
I advise you to bypass the map, take all the extras. tasks, perform them in the first place, because with a difference of 6 levels, they will give 1-5 experience for them, and for storylines, even if they are gray, they will give much more, I also advise you to leave the lair of monsters and villages at the end of the game that need to be cleared of monsters. For them, 150-300 experience is given, at the end of the game, in this way, after completing the story and adding stone hearts, you will be level 40+

Steven forman 05.12.21

Thank you, I don’t convey my thought very well, but your answer is exactly what I wanted to know.
And thanks a lot to everyone else :)