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XDemonR 05.12.21 02:55 am

Aliens (Fallout 4)

Such a topic - I came to the Castle, and a falling UFO flew past the house, but I can understand where it fell.
There are those who know where it fell?
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JOKERIVAN 05.12.21

I can’t find it either, I was walking in the direction he was flying, but I didn’t find anything.

Sergey1983 05.12.21

here is the place, going down from Greygarden, smoke will be visible. Only the UFO does not open and there is nothing nearby.

Metalist1925 05.12.21

I am sure that this is a ground for DLS

Spyroke 05.12.21

Sergey1983 Follow the
traces of green blood to the cave, there is an alien, you will fill him up and you will get the alien's blaster.