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Edvins 05.12.21 02:55 am

Stupor and crash when leaving the vault (Fallout 4)

When leaving the shelter, loading begins (the gun is spinning and advice is given), and so it lasted for more than half an hour, no actions had any effect, and then the game peacefully flew out. Before that, everything went brilliantly at ultra at 50-60 fps. Steam license. Who knows what this is? The driver is new.
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GuyverDark 05.12.21

I didn't have that. I took it on Steam.

nahabin 05.12.21

Edvins saved the save
twice. It worked. Steam.

Innokenty Pestov 05.12.21

It was the same. I first minimized the game with alt-tab, then expanded it, got into the pause menu, saved it there, and then re-entered the game and loaded this save. It helped.