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Al2005 19.01.22 10:45 pm

GIANTS Editor crashes on Windows 10 (Farming Simulator 15)

Hello everyone. Please help - GIANTS Editor 6.0.5, map 4096, Windows 10. The editor saves only small files, map 4096 crashes. The laptop is new, everything is updated. Installed the "OpenCL and OpenGL Compatibility Pack", deducted that the problem is in OpenGL, it requires an older version. The log is clean, the log, except for the "Editor" failure, does not point anywhere. What is not clear, I installed GIANTS Editor 6.0.3, which works with a bang, saves without problems. But the problem is in the script from 6.0.5, without which there is nothing to do on the map.
setFoliageMaxTerrainSize(8192, 512, 8192);
setAudioCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setLightCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 16);
setShapeCullingWorldProperties(-4096, -100, -4096, 4096, 500, 4096, 64);
the last three lines work without problems, the panorama opens. and here is setFoliageMaxTerrainSize(8192, 512, 8192);
Log--setFoliageMaxTerrainSize(8192, 512, 8192);...(1) : attempt to call global 'setFoliageMaxTerrainSize' (a nil value)--
If 6.0.5 doesn't work, maybe a knowledgeable person can help with this script. Without this line does not display grass. Thank you.
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