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Mazar mazar 19.01.22 10:45 pm

Bug??? (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Came across a player with a bunch of legendary bear skins.
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McLaren MP4-4 19.01.22

This cheater gave you so much. Use less of these "gifts". You can fly into a ban.

Mazar mazar 19.01.22

McLaren MP4-4
Got it. Thanks for the advice.

Snow70 19.01.22

Mazar mazar
This is a Redstone private cheat. Do not try to use these skins! Fly to the ban with him =)

tango7 25.01.22

How lucky. I remember in GTA Online, when it was just released, the same philanthropist threw money, in the end I picked up a lyam or two, at that time there was enough money for all the content I was interested in in general. GTA online did not hook me at all, it is too designed for young Padawans, but the ban did not fly to me. Six months later, I checked, there was no ban.

In RDR I think the same policy. If you do not abuse and do not cheat yourself. Yes, and we know all these "it's not my fault, I just picked it up, but I was banned!".

ArXangel_ann 25.01.22

politics is always the same - if this person, out of the kindness of his soul, threw a skin, this is one thing. But most likely he threw it in the hope of catching such suckers (who will pick up the skin and carry it to sell) - he filmed and reported. Some people have so much fun. And "good" is a cheater or bad, you can't know. Therefore, it is better to bypass them all. Or prepare to re-buy the game.