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n1smo1660 19.01.22 10:45 pm

K31 swiss sniper rifle not opening (Call of Duty: Warzone)

To open it, you need to kill 2 people in the head in 15 completed battles, when it just came out, I pumped it to 8 out of 15, I went after the update to open it, but the counter does not move. I kill 5-10 people in the head from the tundra in a plander. Help, is this a bug?

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Denchop 19.01.22

n1smo1660, I have the same problem, the counter does not think to move, I started playing recently and thought that I was doing something wrong, since no one writes about this problem, but I want to play with a rifle. It is also worth noting that I played in the "extraction" mode, I did not try other modes at the expense of (((

RHDimka 19.01.22

I have the same problem, if you solved it please let me know.