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Garisem 19.01.22 10:45 pm

Help finding an old movie

This film was shown on TV somewhere in 1989.
At the beginning of the film, a dangerous prisoner was transported in a plane and there was a writer who wrote a book there in the plane and the writer began to fall asleep, and the plane flew into a thunderstorm, the writer turned off, when he woke up he was in antediluvian times, then it turned out that he did not wake up himself, the criminal escaped too, and not just escaped, he had a lot of weapons from our time, .. I don’t remember further, I know that there is also a second series where at the end of the film an atomic bomb was detonated in the past .. the film seemed interesting to me at that time ..
I'd love to see what it's called, I don't know.
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sivek 25.01.22

I'm sorry, but that doesn't mean anything to me.