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Devil208 03.03.22 10:47 pm

How to say a phrase in Russian? *Help with English*

When the XX-th century began most of American families shared one characteristic: the wife didn't work outside the home.
We look at the phrase: "the wife didn't work outside the home"
How to translate it? To make it sound in Russian, literary, but at the same time without adding quite a gag? Can be literally translated as "the wife does not work outside the home." But it sounds kind of dumb, don't you think? In the context of this particular proposal, it sounds stupid, somehow unnatural.
Here, please help.
------ === -------
In general, if suddenly you also have such a situation that you misunderstood something in terms of English, you can write here and we will discuss it. Well, you never know. Not rules, of course, but specific situations. I sometimes have such situations when I play games in English, for example. But here's the problem - there is nowhere to ask. Google translate doesn't give you what you need. He does not understand the meaning and context of the phrase. And you can't explain these things to him.
Or if even just some phrases are not clear to you, and Google (yes, any translator) gives out nonsense, but you need to build a competent sentence from this phrase, then write this phrase here. You never know, such a situation will arise. Maybe someone will learn something new.
Well, I do not call you, answer me the main question at the beginning of this post. How to translate my phrase?
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EVIL PLAYER 03.03.22

wife don't work outside the home google translate (:

GONE TO DTF 03.03.22

it is strange that it is worth the, like a wife, this is the subject.

in fact, it says that the wives simply did not go to work. you can rephrase it any way you want

Devil208 03.03.22

Apparently, the text was written by people who consider a woman to be a piece of furniture or something like that)

Yes, I understood the meaning of the sentence, but I didn’t know how to write it without redoing it very much.

Thank you, good options. I will choose one of them.
PS In high school it is necessary to transfer the text to offset. Well, anyway, take note.
PS2 Hey, why did you delete the post?

Decadent 03.03.22

Hey, why did you delete the post??
And what?

Devil208 03.03.22

I almost forgot the options that you suggested to me)

Le Gaspilleur 03.03.22

The wife takes only at home. Perhaps tutoring ... Of course, I have a couple more options why at home, but this is complete trash))

rPeBoJL 03.03.22

Desperate Housewives)

Maklline66 03.03.22

In Russian, slang can be translated as "a woman's place in the kitchen"

Xorras 03.03.22

The wives worked from home. (sounds crooked)
Were housewives. (makes sense)

Mindless Self Indulgence 03.03.22

Xs can write like the wife works only at home?

Maklline66 03.03.22

The wives worked from home. (sounds crooked)
Were housewives. (meaningfully suitable)
Xs can write like the wife works only at home?
You are both wrong, gentlemen.
To understand the meaning of the expression, one must look into history:
The fact is that de facto gender equality did not exist in the 20th century, and it began its movement in the 80-90s. Before that, a woman ... well, was not a thing, but she had much less rights than a man. in fact, all a woman had to do was cook borscht and clean up, to put it bluntly.
From here we are already approaching the actual translation, the essence of which I wrote earlier.
hence the approximate semantic translation: a wife's place in the kitchen or wives work only as housewives, or something like that
PS. Yes, hence the - for women at the beginning of the 20th century were not highly respected

Devil208 03.03.22

Wow, thanks for the historical reference, I explained where the and so on) I somehow didn’t even pay attention to the, I thought it was a typo by the author of that text.

Well, if we take for work not a workplace at an enterprise, but a place where mechanical (or what kind of work women do) work is done as in physics, which results in a useful action in the form of borscht, then we can say as Ungeheuer suggested to me earlier , but deleted his post: "wife did not work anywhere but at home")

Devil208 03.03.22

I want to contact you again.
There is a sentence: "The pound sterling, which strictly speaking refers to the basic currency unit of sterling, now the pound, is the currency of the United Kingdom (UK)."
How to translate it literally? Butter oil, I think. Or is there a reference to something here? I can't understand.

Wheatley. 03.03.22

The pound sterling, whose name directly refers to the former main currency sterling, is now the pound, the currency of the United Kingdom.

Jacques Brel 03.03.22

Dude, are you studying to be a translator?

A.Soldier of Light 03.03.22

Oil oil, in my opinion.
So it is) In fact, the phrase is torn out of the words of Captain Evidence) The meaning of the phrase is stupidly reduced to the obvious, you can even cut out a piece of the phrase (after the first comma and before the last one), and nothing will change.