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Oleg Drozdenko 05.03.22 04:00 am

Question to the owners of the PC version (Mortal Kombat X)

Hello. I wanted to ask everyone who has a licensed version of the game. Is it worth taking at all? I want to know about the online component. I’m aware of the technical stuff. Are the battles stable and how many people are online)
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StarlaX 05.03.22

Well, not so much anymore.

Niger88 05.03.22

Oleg Drozdenko
The first couple of months there were a lot, but now from 30-60 people, for me, so little. Fights are stable only with those who are close geographically (Europe), when compared with MK9, then, of course, it is much better, but in general crashes and lags are not uncommon.

Kosh13 05.03.22

First of all, it depends on the Internet connection. But in general, the peak of the popularity of MK has already passed

Oleg Drozdenko 05.03.22

And I don't know whether to buy or not

ManiacFPS 05.03.22

why are you online? I've never played and I'm happy....

marshallugntu 05.03.22

fighting games are the most fun to play on one computer :) I didn’t play via the Internet, but I think there will not be such emotions as if you play with someone who is sitting a meter away from you)

stalkerspore 05.03.22

If you live in Kamchatka, then you should not take it. Online normal.

Oleg Drozdenko 05.03.22

I'm not happy. Since all the pranksters open only online. In 2011, you could do without online. She was somehow more intense. and the tower of 300 tests was cool. And here are three turrets and those are somehow the same and get bored quickly. Bazaar is little better to play with a friend. But you will not always play it with a friend. Somehow I played repack from realted and several times with grief in half played online with other players and I got into playing with a live player than with a computer. Well, that's everyone's opinion, of course. But I think the face is worth it if it is more or less stable and the people are sitting

Niger88 05.03.22

quickly somehow he fell)

Kosh13 05.03.22

Niger88 Lags
, bugs and location lock-in have scared away many players.