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Crowley Alister 18.11.19 05:18 am

Change language (Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order)

Hello,how to enable English voice acting?
In the game I found only the possibility to change the text!
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Sermer 22.06.20

Po idee, if you think logically, you need to keep track of what files change when you change the localization of the incentive or ori.. sorting View (edit) and from this to dance. And if it's really pakchunk2-WindowsNoEditor and pakchunk9 -WindowsNoEditor then rename one to the other and for the very same sort to find that ill-fated text-hostconfig file which defines the reference location. Well, to understand what bunya threw the game-files are a thread of the program, such as the Reva Unistaller (it is all tied to the game files and find the registry keys you will find without trouble).
PC: I would ananizmom he would do, but I have no access litsuhi.

dsbend 22.06.20

Hello people! I have read and have a question. I have a Russian voice acting, but all text is in English.Where to move (or need fashion) into Russian text? ATP

dsbend 22.06.20

how to do the opposite?)))

MangoKz 22.06.20

File( http://file.karelia.ru/8qdg7v/)Russian voice. Copy the contents of the archive to the Fallen Jedi Order/SwGame/Content/Paks
Fix (https://www103.zippyshare.com/v/VXj3GYjQ/file.html)Russian voice. Copy to replace the File contents of the archive to the Fallen Jedi Order/SwGame/Binaries/Win64

Flugegehe1men 22.06.20

Thank you, the origin in the properties of the game have included the English language, I spool files, then put the game text is Russian. In the end, the subs Rus and eng voice.

Abilaybest 22.06.20

Tell me what to do if you have a pirate and there is no property settings of the game well, or I can not see tell me where it is or give me your VC in the VC says or a screenshot to send if you can just suffer for a long time help

Kokoprime1991 22.06.20

1)pirates, 2)And then configure the properties of the game? 3)my documents 4)VC do not sit 5) what screen damn...
Th those 5 years man??? The posts I wrote, are no longer significant... the game is passed and forgotten. All...

Vovayoutubegameover 22.06.20

Does anyone know how to do the same thing only on PS4?

Vovayoutubegameover 22.06.20

You figured out how to do it?)

A_jak 22.06.20

I have a Curling iron. about a bunch of do not know there is likely more easier.
it before download and installing the game it is necessary to change system locale to the desired one. then restart the console itself. if the game is installed, just change the system language, reboot. the console itself should load the language file. I have made several times - from Russian into English and Vice versa.

Guest 07.12.20

How do you have obtain the FIX??? Me I have the same problem like you BUT with FRENCH voices