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LazyDivan 14.05.22 02:11 am

How to put on a din. weapon? (Might and Magic: Heroes 6)

Hello everyone! Maybe there was a topic / message here recently, but I didn’t search. The question is - how to put on a pirate weapon on a pirate?
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D.Artist 14.05.22

Only in the campaign, when you find it, you shove it into the weapon slot, what's the deal

eriori 14.05.22

It is probably difficult to do this on a pirate, because it seems that if there is no connection to the Internet, it is not available even on the face.

The chip of the dynasty is that it swings.

It is located in a chest and there is a bookmark Power / magic. something like this

LazyDivan 14.05.22

I have a pirate, I know how to put it on, but there is no connection and I can’t put it on. What should I do?

Chrono11 14.05.22

buy a face

ButcherX 14.05.22

All about it here:
and I advise you to read the comments there useful additions so that there are no problems (=

LazyDivan 14.05.22

Boy, you're handsome. The topic is from 12 years old, but you answered)
Unfortunately, I bought a face a long time ago and went through the whole game :)