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aRaTwelve 14.05.22 02:11 am

Recommend gamepad for PC (Mortal Kombat X)

at nine he chopped on a curling iron. ten will be on the PC. There is a question about buying a gamepad. Many are driven to boxing pads by the cross. In general, advise the most comfortable pad in your opinion!
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shecter666 14.05.22

yes, the cross is still there, but it’s not just about that, if you played on a curling iron, then buy a Ployk gamepad, I myself played on a curling iron for 10 years, and then I changed it to a PC and bought an Xbox gamepad, then I bought myself a king of fighters and a street fighter, to be honest, I never once had the idea of ​​pounding it against the wall when doing ultras, so as not to break two thousand rubles against the wall, I bought myself a Chinese analogue of Ploikovsky

_TEZ_ 14.05.22

Well, I don't know, box gamepads are considered the best choice for PC.... And it's the most convenient for me, so take it...
This is my advice, and then think for yourself.

ZooL22 14.05.22

MadCatz fightpad it can still be found on sale

or as an option Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710


Russian_Lawyer 14.05.22

take wired Logitech - they even play for money, wireless is also good, but if you want to win online, then the first one is better. In multiplayer, the difference is noticeable.

aRaTwelve 14.05.22

know that with boxing it is more pleasant that you don’t need to steam with firewood and there will be no out of sync in terms of the fact that there will be box letters on the screen and dualshock tic-tac-toe on the pad (but these are trifles).

there is simply too much shouting that many combinations are practically impossible to make on the d-pad of a boxing pad. Is it true?

aRaTwelve 14.05.22

Yes, I definitely plan to win online. And what exactly is the Logitech model in your opinion the most juice?

Russian_Lawyer 14.05.22

uffffff, you know, I rarely use them myself, but nerds advised the Logitech Gamepad F310, they praised it a lot, it is simple and unpretentious, without any frills, reliable. And it's worth tolerating.

Old Sith 14.05.22

With buttons

RicoChico 14.05.22

You can from PS4.

Kosh13 14.05.22

Logitech F510. The same F710, only wired. Claims generally 0 to the joystick. Unless there is no software, but it is not particularly needed.

eldar993 14.05.22

I use pads from xbox 360 and ps4, both are convenient, but for a fighting game, the pads from ps are better

Elf0m3n1ack 14.05.22

I play dualshock and am completely satisfied, for a fighting game it's the best, IMHO.

PhenomNV 14.05.22

I use it from PS4, it feels better than the gempads from X360 and PS3. But I can’t say anything about the gamepad from XONE.

_TEZ_ 14.05.22

Well, I don't know, I was fine) Well, when I had it, now I have a different one. the box one broke ((((
Well, I really like it ...

Villain 98 14.05.22

buy xbox 360 joystick! I bought for 2000 rubles, went through a lot of games with him for two years now, the joystick is still working!

Ben121212 14.05.22

If you have wine 8 or 8.1, then I advise dual shock 4, you will also have the convenience of Sony 4 and without wires, in general, I installed 2 shock duel 4 on my computer and am satisfied)

emporio2866 14.05.22

I use a ps4 gamepad, it works well and no need to relearn. In Mortal I will play on Sonya

By the way, the ps4 joy lies much more comfortably in the hands than the PS3. I do not advise from boxing, firstly, a cross from the time of shogi, and secondly, it is a heavy cap. If through the wire, then the batteries can be removed, it will become easier ... maybe you can try this

HarE_ 14.05.22

defender game racer x7
Supports DirectInput / XInput so all games will accept it for xbox's gamepad. And it is comfortable in the hands. Even without drivers it can work.

MATT_93 14.05.22

I advise - a gamepad from XBOX One! the cross has become more comfortable, less accidental clicks, light, fits well in the hands, pleasant vibration, not an earthquake

Scar. 14.05.22

I will connect the gamepad from PS3 through software.