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Darkel 14.05.22 11:56 pm

Steam pre-order (Fallout 4)

I actually took it without hesitation, but will you pre-order it?
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TI72REX 14.05.22

I will definitely pre-order

Ilya233 14.05.22

Well, I don't know... No, probably.

Ultravirus661 14.05.22

I'll wait for E3, I'll watch the gameplay, and later I'll just buy it.

Pomu4 14.05.22

Although I'm a fallout fanboy (especially the second), I'll still wait for E3 and more information about it.

Kosh13 14.05.22

I'll definitely skip it. And even a pirate.

Cvoxalury 14.05.22

I actually took it without hesitation, but will you pre-order it?

Yes, as soon as - so immediately. Two thousand will appear, I immediately take them and transfer them to the lids. ))

Victor Kalgin 14.05.22

Perhaps I will do exactly the same as with GTA5. I'll wait three or four weeks after the release, and then I'll buy it. By this time, all the intolerant ones have already downloaded, which will unload the servers, in addition, the main ones and glitches with bugs will be caught and cured.

Vandal Hearts 14.05.22

Although I don’t pay attention to the graphics in games, the trailer somehow still hurt in terms of its backwardness, which already speaks of the imperfection (perhaps) of the product. The price is too high for a pig in a poke, so we better wait for more gameplay videos.

Bunker Buster 14.05.22

Already pre-ordered

punck 14.05.22

if only with 80% discount.

Pirat-AC3 14.05.22

I will, of course, but not blindly. I'll buy somewhere before going out.

Sergey Vinnik 14.05.22

I won't be pre-ordering because
1) No money (I'm saving for the Summer sale)
2) I don't want to spend money for the sake of a single game, Now, if there was a multiplayer or co-op, then I would buy it.
Download pirate, here's my choice

Cvoxalury 14.05.22

1) No money (I'm saving for the Summer sale)

So now it's summer ... you can take and order during the sale. And what else to spend something, if not on real games.

GONE TO DTF 14.05.22

Actually, I took it without hesitation
, this is how conveyors appear :(

Aqilla 14.05.22

I would wait for additional information about the project) Considering the fact that they can’t even decide on the release date of the game along the way (either 2015 or 2016), you can have time to pre-order)
But you need to understand what I pay money for)

Cobblepot 14.05.22

Waiting for e3 and we'll see

MrDeuxExHuman 14.05.22

2 thousand rubles pre-order for another crooked shit. Tin...

seffko 14.05.22

if I had mb in rubles and would have done it, otherwise it was $60.

Daniil Denisov 14.05.22

I’ll probably take it after E3, at least look at what to spend that kind of money on

Garrus_91 14.05.22

First torrent, no trust in anyone. Check the game, like it, buy it. But if the price stays at $60, then no thanks, I pass.