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JONDROGON 14.05.22 11:56 pm

Patch 1.05 May be released late at night :D (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Read on the
That tomorrow is an international holiday in Poland, well, they promise to work on a holiday even, in general, in a bad outcome, the patch may be on that week on Monday.
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propeller-faust 14.05.22

Something really doesn't work for CD-projects, since they are dragging on with the patch. At least released by the weekend

Gobuta 14.05.22

Dear, what flies out for you, someone needs sex with Triss to complete the task, it is not necessary that others have these errors! I have a GOG version, the game is not without errors, it's a fact, but it's beautiful. This creation cannot be without errors, the game world is huge. Dopilat developed and everything will be ok! I did not have a single flight, bugs only with experience and some tasks are not taken, for example, "Missing Soldiers". Already half the game has passed, now I'm running on Skelig. Compared to all the games that came out, The Witcher turned out very, very well. This is the game of the year for sure, and maybe decades! Now I have version 1.04. As everyone is waiting for the patch. I think there are a lot of bugs in people who put themselves repacks! Support the developers, buy this work of art. I don't know any company that supports their games like that, releases DRM-free games, which is just awesome! And the cost of the game is not so high. I play for 3-4 hours. so it is not necessary about 40 minutes.

cripple 14.05.22

I thought we (RF) officially banned the sale of spice and ganja. maybe the game is not the most miserable creation, but the fact that there are just a lot of bugs, given the impassable quest with enefer, because of the choice to "watch", does not put it on any pedestal. so before the masterpiece, she is still very far away in terms of improvements. considering how many years it has been sawn, and how long the key patches are being prepared. for more weight, I don't have a repack, but a link from rin'a, those who know will understand. I'm ready to pay for it, but only when it's not a "miscarriage", where, sorry, the game mechanics are broken, but a solid product. and when the developers from reds slander the biovar in such a way, having simply made a defect themselves, well, the question arises, "maybe keep silent, pass for smart ones"

GMXardas 14.05.22

I play an average of 3-5 hours, 3-4 times a week. On the day of the release, I sat all night, around 10-12 hours non-stop. I'm playing through the game for the second time on the hardest difficulty. And yes, there are no departures and other things. The bugs were small, but insignificant. I don't pay attention.

JONDROGON 14.05.22

No matter how much I love this game, well, yes, there are a lot of problems, everyone is different.

Metalist1925 14.05.22

Guys, write that there are no bugs in the game, well, it's somehow ... Read the PG, developer forum. There are enough problems, and interestingly, they are very random.

GMXardas 14.05.22

Nobody says that they don't exist, for example, I haven't had any serious bugs yet. And the fact that they are random only confirms that not everyone has them.