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Traun 14.05.22 11:56 pm

Let's make a petition to add online to all Star wars Steam games (Star Wars: Empire at War)

Who knows how to scribble these petitions?
Online would not hurt in Republic Commando, Battlefront 2. I think Steam will not make it difficult to return online to these games
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Andrey3419981952 14.05.22


Alexander Shmelev 14.05.22

only if you throw some money at them and not a little

Jekromantes 14.05.22

The idea is great, but let someone deal with this very petition

Limemax 14.05.22

Someone doesn't know about Tungle and Game Ranger =)

Alexander Shmelev 14.05.22

Limemax let's
say in battlefront 2 I didn't see a lot of people playing through the tangle, + people need a lot
ps can you give out x2 points?)))

Limemax 14.05.22

Alexander Shmelev
Well, there are forums and fan groups where people plan what time and through what I will play, and what mods. Of course, 32x32 is not going to be there, they mostly play with bots mixed up or without them in the same capture of the flag.
ps I have already set a bonus for others, I can't do it anymore. =

K0MAH4 14.05.22

As if your petitions will make a difference. Naivete...
And on business: tungle to the rescue.