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Savvaty Khokhlov 14.05.22 11:56 pm

Black screen in The Witcher 2 (The Witcher 2: Assassins of Kings)

Black screen right after the first chapter. When Iorveth and Geralt sail away on the ship. The game does not respond. The cursor at the beginning is, then disappears. Ctrl+Esc+Space doesn't help. The game is working properly up to this point, that is, the hardware is suitable. Pirate version v What patch is needed or what to do? Searched all over the internet - didn't find anything.
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Jigoukan 14.05.22

the same shit

warp 37 14.05.22

Same issue, license.

finikos 14.05.22

no one solved the problem? me too.

Johneys_Ex 14.05.22

Solved a problem.
Deleted the file load_a1_a2_r.usm and renamed the file load_a1_a2_i.usm to load_a1_a2_r.usm .
And voila, the game worked. Maybe this tip will help someone.