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Ilya Badyshch 14.05.22 11:56 pm

Quests and experience for completing them (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

Of course, I understand everything, but in my opinion from the task board, after completing them, you should gain experience. According to the plot, I got it normally, right now I'm doing quests and nothing. What's the point of them then? Is it stupid to make money? I already have 8k and nowhere to put them. Steam license 1.04
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seffko 14.05.22

where are you coming from

Fallen Cheshire 14.05.22

Why experience for additional tasks? Uprt? Probably, in order to increase the level, and less often meet enemies who are 5-6, or even 8 levels higher than you? Or maybe in order to open slots for skills?....

TIGERblack 14.05.22

Ilya Badydysh
This bug will be fixed in the next patch.

Vanek2707 14.05.22

Ilya Badydyshch
I also wondered why some tasks do not give experience. This is strange. But it seems that one of these days they should fix it, and the experience will begin to drip. But maybe the side quests will not be affected.

dmitrians 14.05.22

damn, people, well, they already wrote hundreds of times that they don’t give experience for tasks above which you are 5 levels higher ... they will fix it with patch 1.5 or try mods

Simply Max 14.05.22

it's already some time