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believein 14.05.22 11:56 pm

PvM Amazone (Javazone) (Diablo 2)

Tell the shortcomings, what to fix where, what to remove where.
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malloc 14.05.22

Shield : Stormshield (str/res/damage reduce/block) with jewel/gem 15ias/15 all resistance, no alternative.
sanctuary fits quite well instead of ss

Armor : Enigma/Chains Of Honor, an alternative to Vipermage
Lionheart, forti or treachery can be vilified

Weapon : Titan's Revenge (you can use ethereal), there is no alternative
to baal you can use thunderstroke and swap harmony to get to it faster

believein 14.05.22

Sanctuary is not as good as ss, which gives + p block cuts dr
Armor yes, you can replace it with lionheart, but not with thrashers, it makes no sense)
Thunderstroke, on the swap we will have kta by default, but with tites and so on COP normally the ball falls by 8 ppl

Greenaaa Morningstar 14.05.22

Where is Lightning Bolt?
Why a shaco or a griffon? It is better to wear a kira on an average Amazon.
Raven frost + manald
Skillers - frw only small
charms We recruit FRV from skillers and smalllocks, since there is no enigma and the Amazon will be like a cart. Armor - treachery/fortitude/ hp + lf Why does she need fhr? This is a pvm-amazon.

believein 14.05.22

I edited a little, but still she doesn’t need a lot of fhr, but at least 7frames it will simply be difficult for her to get out of long-range attacks, for example, my javazon when she sees birds often goes into fhr / dodge animation and throws fury not quickly because of this.

Greenaaa Morningstar 14.05.22

Fhr is not needed, it is better to dial fhr.

TheRoyal 14.05.22

Under edited not much

Eyes leaked out, generally hell

believein 14.05.22

shut up lolka, everyone has typos. body.

obsessed 14.05.22

This skill throws a dart that multiplies by a certain amount when it collides in a crowd.
what a sexy dart though! xDD

Weapon : Titan's Revenge(you can ethereal), there is no alternative
OLLO!! >: I object! :S it would have been better to say "in conjunction with SS" back then..
Shit: Stormshield.. ..there is no alternative.
I object to this as well :)

Papuas121 14.05.22

Pocony, vot 9 naps hotel ask. Po4emy pirs ne ka4? Razve on tam ne poviwaet wans protknyt moba i 4to drotik vipystit bolwe molnief? Ved tam eti sinergi k light furi posyti dayt 4rezvi4aino malo. A dopystim esli mi protknyli moba damage yje v 2 raza yvili4ilsa or net? I esli 9 ne owibays on mojet protknyt srazy neskolko mobov, 4to yveli4it nehilo damage.

kiss-kiss 14.05.22


mega build for amu 101 lvl =)

3.Items/things (gear)

is a very informative item for beginners - can you just give out all the valuable uniques and RW with a list ???
Didn't your mother tell you as a child that panama and felt boots are an inappropriate combination? =)

Torum. 14.05.22

The Royal

obsessed 14.05.22

Believein, in fact: I (nublan) are always embarrassed by one moment - people are ready to put on java kats, not_gore slippers, many other clothes that are not useful to her, in principle, and .. manalich. 0__o well.. okay, cho.

in terms of pvm java, I advocate building up 2 pieces: ias and -lightres (but not to the detriment of survivability, of course). without wearing SS, I already turn it into "teloida v xalate", kaesh, but practice, for some reason, has shown that things are not so bad at all. I left Java only at lvl 96, when I was already pretty over .. tired.

Papuas121 14.05.22

mb ti eto xo4ew izobrazit?

obsessed 14.05.22

panama hat and felt boots inappropriate combination? =)
kiss-kiss, norms combination! keep your feet warm and the beer... in your stomach! <:D

believein 14.05.22

pierce she needs anyway.
Tell me what they are laughing at, we will also laugh, ok?
She doesn't need obsessed
mountains, there's only ds/cb/ow, why does she need all this? Pvm is not pvp.
2. I don't see anything incomprehensible, anyway, anyway, in the last resort, after the passive branch, it will pump the rest to max, what's wrong? Maybe you shouldn't tell me what and how much, I posted a javazon pvm build available to players. What do you not understand? If you are witty to such an extent, take everything and rewrite it, the gear is indicated within the limits available to each player, regardless of whether he just started or already has a certain gear.

Section XIII Iskariot 14.05.22

Helmet : Griffon's eye (faceted), alternative to Shako(ummed)
mb lu4we andy?ili tiara 2/30 ++
Amulet : Cat's eye(frw/ias/dex), alternative to Highlord (1 skill/20 ias)
lu4we naoborot.a ewe lu4we hl-alternativ net
Armor : Enigma/Chains Of Honor alternative to Vipermage/treashery/fortitude
lu4we eni.alternativa treawery/facetnik hp/fhr
nu i ewe ia bi dobavil equip pod nabor 100 ias-owen ne ploxo jjet
nu i valky imho kawat smisla net

cat-stargazer 14.05.22

Section XIII Iskariot
and why 100ias, she seems to be 90 or 92 nada, I don’t remember exactly.

obsessed 14.05.22

Believein, I meant only one thing - if you want to have more or less tangible manal, you need to increase physical damage. in her case, I find it effective to do so by wearing ds.

Passive & Magic skills: In this branch, all the skills to level up by 1 point
are also doubtful here

kot-stargazer, X@XA, H006@$!

obsessed 14.05.22

Section XIII Iskariot, +1 to everything except Andi. the hat is cool, there is no question, SS helps to carry. but I would not give up up to -25% enemy's lightres in PvM for any price.

believein 14.05.22

Section XIII Iskariot Down
? Cat's eye gives 25 dex + frw + ias, what are you talking about?
If a person wants to buy 230 +++ he will buy a griffon.
Eni is better if there are runes, if not, then I indicated above the most normal alternatives.
She doesn’t need 100 yas, she just needs a fell
, this is the same second merk that doesn’t tank badly.
she needs kot-stargazer
mana lich and so it will be, the mountains will not give much if you take into account that there will be a lich from gloves and from the ring. Moreover, she will have a critical strike. At the expense of the branch, the passive is normal, you don’t need more there, sticking out of skills, the armor of the tiara will increase, this will be quite enough.