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ZUBR 12.06.22 11:36 pm

Your favorite character in the game (Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines)

Mine is a crazy dude on the beach.
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Russian Borzaya 12.06.22

1. Jack
2. Gary Golden
3. Beckett
4. Officer Chunk 5. Fat
Larry malkava ... the dialogue turns out to be simple - "they understand each other perfectly" :)

holysatan 12.06.22

OOO and my favorite girl is Ventrue! She has such a crazy look! And she always turns her head back and forth and her eyes always run! in general, it looks really gloomy and infernal!
I like her the most!!!!

Floydian 12.06.22

/me gazing lovingly at Prince LaCroix =^.^= meaaaaaaaaaaaa! :)))

holysatan 12.06.22

Lacroix looks like a young Putin :))))))

Freelance 12.06.22

Isaac F)


KoЯneviCh 12.06.22

The Malkavian is just sick in the head, but he's cool!
He has his own unusual (sick) style for which I love this character. Especially his dialogues.
This game should generally be awarded a medal only for some dialogues, they are in the highest class!

Floydian 12.06.22

And, I like Maximilian Strauss for something else ... but I don’t know what;)

Dorian Gray 12.06.22

BECKETT, and RUSSIAN people IN the parking lot, it was nice to hear native speech

PlayGround.ru 12.06.22


Ksarfeks 12.06.22

1. Jack - definitely, after a happy ending for the anarchs, it is impossible to remain indifferent to him !!!!
2. Strauss. The dude definitely has a cool outfit.
3. Damzel. Bitch, but not bad. And Beckett is there. (The funniest thing is when, after the warehouse of the coven, the script is buggy and you and the wolf cub bazaar).
4. Jeannette, Vivi and Heather (especially when she is only in parties and a tank top).
5. Nines. I raised melee to 5, I will be forever grateful.

Ekimmu 12.06.22

1. Beckett .. intrigued, although I saw him once
2. Jeannette (for appearance), Heather (for caring .. well, where else can you get $ 500 at a time)))
3. Chang .. people are still that ..: D
4. Toreodor.. (his person)

I like the girl Ventrue and Lacroix according to the drawing..

.. The question arose
. :- he infuriates me ..
What I thank for is that, thanks to the bullfighter's conviction and the prince's naivety, we managed to knock $ 300 and an apartment out of him =)

holysatan 12.06.22

about sticking ankh, this is a topic about a favorite moment :))

PlayGround.ru 12.06.22

Jeannette .. the most memorable character is female, but Beckit is out of competition among men! =)

Rice 12.06.22

In the first place is the character for which I play :).
Then VV) Good girl.
My ghoul could also be nothing if I could talk to her normally.
The rest - Jack, Beckett - positive characters, about one, 4th place.

Floydian 12.06.22

Oh, and Ash really likes it :) I even freed him in Leopold's dungeons out of sheer sympathy. Very cool dude. :)

Rice 12.06.22

BUT! So that's who this Ash is in the "Leopold Society" locked up! And I couldn’t remember everything when I opened the cage, where did I see him?

Lelik 12.06.22

And I like:
1. Jeannette! Cool chick (including what she gives and more than once!)
2.ViVi! No less cool chick (although she doesn’t give :-( )
3. Sheriff (Stylish dude)
4. Beckett (The dude is carbon monoxide (and even more carbon monoxide when the script is buggy!)
5. Strauss (Kind towards the protagonist)
6. Jack ( Ush over the laugh at it is so current at it)
7. Larry (always fucked over the nigers)
8. Golden
and not Naviju:
1. Lacirca (vile type)
2. Damzel (ugly is dumb!)
3. Mino qsyao (well, I don’t find words !)
4. Grünfeld Bach (how pale he is!)

Besrezen 12.06.22

And did you know that: Beckett is an official character from the original board game and that he is a cult among the gangrel - there are rumors that he is a werewolf who received a vampire transformation. By the way, there is also the universe of Wervolf: apokalipse (from the same developers as Vampire: the masquerade), and so according to it, werewolves inflict so much aggro at a time that, if compared with the world of vampires, it will be enough to kill Cain... =) ))))))))) And now imagine how strong a werewolf who received vampire formation and discipline? I definitely consider Beckett the coolest character, especially considering the dialogues with him, his manner of speaking and his style in general: calm, restrained and concise...

Sargtlin 12.06.22

1) Heather - for Love and Devotion to the last breath.
2) Beckett - for education, honesty, irony and for being a Gangrel.
3) Jack, Nines, Damzel - for truthfulness and sincerity.
4) Jeannette and Vi-Vi - for beauty, albeit under make-up.
5) Strauss - only for the way he spoke about my Malkavian.

2) Lacroix - for meanness.
3) Kuei-Jin - for importunity.
4) Sheriff - for dishonoring, or rather, dishonoring, Gangrel.
5) The head of the Russian mafia - for dishonoring the Russians.

Gutts 12.06.22

Hmm ..
I must say that VtM bloodlines are generally very rich in colorful characters. It’s rather difficult for me to choose someone specific, but I’ll try.

Among the characters "on my side" I can single out the following:
1.) Jeanette (well, how she hooked her lips when she was offended)
2.) Bertram Tung (a real nosferatu. Harry has a good voice but looks too ordinary)
3.) Strauss (the main thing in the Tremere regent - these are points)
4.) Velvet Velor (everything can be forgiven for "call me VV")

Opposite force:
1.) and perhaps the only one (the rest do not count) is, of course, Andryusha Tzimis. Well, just look at him. The most spectacular spring view. And with what feeling he talks about how he will rip out Camarilla's eyes. Sheer charm.