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ZUBR 12.06.22 11:36 pm

Your favorite character in the game (Vampire: The Masquerade - Bloodlines)

Mine is a crazy dude on the beach.
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vamp 12.06.22

1. Andrey. I just fell in love with his accent :)))
2. Beckett. He has wicked eyes!
3. Everyone's unloved Lacroix. He is a very elaborate Persian.
4. Ash. I felt terribly sorry for him.
5. Mercurio. I don’t know why

Tyak, these were men, and these are girls:
1. Teresa Jeannette. Malki is just class!
2. Lily. Her story is so romantic :)
3. Damzel. She's adorable and swears so well.
And one more thing: I HATE Ming Xiao. Would tear it like an ace rag!

Sugrobych 12.06.22

Well, how can you choose only one here ... So many great characters ...

1. Beckett - Gangrel, scientist, freethinker - and all in one bottle ...
2. Jack - "Jack's Jack ..."
3. Damzel - not a girl, but just a dream... :)
4. Strauss is a stylish guy.
5. Nines - charisma is more than enough ...
6. Rose - I don’t even know what to say ... It’s just very interesting to chat with her ...
7. Fat Larry - manner of speaking and character - well, just shine! How can one not sympathize with this?... :)

Well, one cannot pass over in silence the beloved LaCroix. :) He's a bastard, but the character is worked out very well. So I want to strangle ... :)

Dimka 12.06.22

Favorite Persian is probably ViVi's nets. good bitch;)
Isaac is good, I don’t understand the current from Makovetsky or from Irons. The prince pleases me, I am very V.V. reminded. And the most macho kanesh is the undeservedly forgotten Killpatrick: fat, unshaven, with a bald head, suffering from adenoma and lichen. Voschem IMHO a very intelligent character without any superheroism.

Russian Borzaya 12.06.22

...and Kilpatrick is also a pervert... have you read the diary of the prostitute Hannah? ;)

Dimka 12.06.22

hmm .. I don’t remember such a chivoita. probably didn't read;) de valyazzo?

Bisamratte 12.06.22

I like Beckett. Also Jack (because it's Jack) and Gary.

kamasutra-girl 12.06.22

- Jeannette is a cool girl, and her clan is right))
- Jack - for strong expressions and attitude to life in general

PlayGround.ru 12.06.22

Gangrel rule! Becket, ViVi, Jack, Nines (toko for saving from Sabats) are super! And La Croix is ​​a GOAT!!! (He didn't give me a hut!) But the coolest person is my Gangrel.

Angelina 12.06.22

1. LaCroix... even though he's mean... LaCroix... even though he betrayed... LaCroix...because he's cool...LaCroix...because he's handsome=)..LaCroix..because his voice is real !
2. Nains Rodriguez! Because *very, very fond of Camarril and the Prince in particular! *And also because he pumped me very much. For this, a separate rescue!
6.Bertam...for the voice
7.Harry..for the voice and some sarcasm...!

Angelina 12.06.22

8. My dude (Malkavian!)
9. Rosa ... for the fact that we had such a conversation with her! I'll just say a, she's already saying b! =)

Angelina 12.06.22

1. Lacroix...because he's handsome and makes me stare at him! He's lovely...
some people will understand me! =))

SHATLE_9 12.06.22

I just love top Larry and Officer Chunk's pranksters. And La Croix is ​​also hilarious (as in the introductory video, he's so good at saying "good evening"!)

vamp 12.06.22

to Anna
I understand. He's a bastard, of course, but sympathetic :)

Jacob 12.06.22

I don’t know about you people of Russia, but I like / dislike the following Persians:
1. La’kroy is a vile type, you won’t say anything, but I like the fact that he looks like me in appearance, and even a little character, I’m the first ending I passed for him ;-), here I am such a scoundrel :-).
2. Tremere character (M.) - I like the unconditional style, appearance and magic (I love all sorts of magicians;-))
3. Ventr's character (M.) - I like the appearance and capabilities in general.
4. Jeannette - I like the appearance, sexuality, etc.
5. Beckett - Likes wisdom (this is the main thing in him), character, and kindness. 7. Nines - I like it, but I would love him more if he was a Camarilla.
6. Jack - Definitely like it (as everyone probably :-)) with his jokes, I would like to have the same friend ...

8.Ash - I feel sorry for this guy, a huge burden was put on his shoulders, and I made it easier in the game (I hope :-))
9.Tang - Very good nosfer, his voice is his main part, the 2nd part is character
10. Max-jan Strauss - I respect him, he is more worthy of being a prince than La'kra, calm, knows his stuff, etc. He's actually one of the best.
11.V*V - I like Virgo only by her appearance, but her character is lame... She thinks she will blink her eyes, twist her ass and achieve everything, yeah, NOW! - my disposition towards her is neutral
12. Harry - The dude has black humor, which embellishes him. The rating is positive.
13.Heather - Pts devoted, charming, just a little bit of that on her head, tell me, what the fuck did she do at the sabbat in the lair? Shouldn't she be at home, drinking beer, watching football... :-) Dislikes
1. Ming Zhao is a STUPID, SELF-RELIABLE BITCH!!! the worst Persian in the game, I even always go through all the endings except Ming Zhao.
2. Sabbath - I have a neutral - bad rating, because they are not much different from the camarilla, but I'm not fighting for them :-)
3. Bah - in a nutshell - a silly kazel.
4.Damzel - He swears worse than a janitor, slanders me, and doesn't do anything. In general, the creature
5.Chunk - this officer got me, I've been waiting for the end for so long to unselfishly hit him in the f * lu.
6. Vandal - such a freak, you can immediately see - homosexual
7. Sheriff - his outfit infuriates me, I also waited for the end of the game to break his stupid face 2 times.
That's actually my whole assessment, if you did not see other Persians here, then either I am neutral towards them, or I simply forgot them and did not enter them. In general, if a thread of a man does not agree with me about someone from this list, write to the forum or to my soap Vampire-Yakov.ru - Let's talk ;-)
PS Play bloodlines - this is the future of this genre. Enjoy! ;-)

Madgine 12.06.22

1. ViVi
2. Jeanette
3. Beckett
4. Rodriguez
5. Chief Tremere
6. that "toothy squirrel" from the Anarchs. Damzel

Angelina 12.06.22

1. Sebastian LaCroix, cool type, albeit a complete bastard. And in general I like such
2. Malkavian
3. Nines Rodriguez
4. Teresa and Jeannette.
5. Velvet
6. Beckett

Mr White 12.06.22

I'm Velvet. Maybe someone knows about her some secret or joke?

Madgine 12.06.22

Her real name is Susan. It was not possible to extort more: here one must either have a high level of persuasion, or seduction.
Also (if you complete all her tasks cleanly and never be rude to her) - you can get her poster in your apartment and from time to time she will send love letters to email. With lyrics ;)

Ephemera 12.06.22

She can't ask for anything.
For the sake of fun, I frivolously shut up all my abilities to the maximum before the conversation and kept talking for 15 blowjobs, but I couldn’t get anything out.

To be honest, she just doesn’t have any dialogues about herself.

Nicole 12.06.22

1. Beckett (no comments)))
2. Jack (cool man)
3. Nines (for saving, and generally for freedom from Camarilla, the guy tries)
4. Damsel (the same bitch as me)))
5 Max Strauss (the only NPS who didn't yell at me)))
Definitely don't like:
1. Ming Zhao (*** cuttlefish!)
2. LaCroix (rare scoundrel)
3. Sheriff (shames vampires)