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Anarazius 12.06.22 11:36 pm

Problems with the game (Alice: Madness Returns)

Yesterday I got this game on Steam. Downloaded, decided to play, launched. At the beginning there was a suggestion to adjust the game settings. I adjusted the video quality, started a new game, but...
In the settings, the control of the main character was WASD, but in the game I had it through the arrows, + other keys did not work, including Esc. I ran around the map for a bit, saw that the game was saved twice, and decided to restart the game. The settings were reset, and all over again, a window popped up with a suggestion to change the settings, there was no saving of my game.
That is, the control in the game practically does not work for me, only the arrows and the mouse, the game is not saved. How to solve this problem?
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666BirdOfHermes666 12.06.22

In the game, I could not use the umbrella in any way, no matter how I changed the key - figs alone. I found a way out in the gamepad, the game is excellent, but it's better to play through the joystick, it's best with it, but I don't know about saving, there was no such problem.

Wyacheslav13 12.06.22

and in order to repel shells with an umbrella, you need to press the caps. The concentration mode is turned on on one enemy. And then the umbrella is available.

Lana1604 12.06.22

what to do???? control does not work when alice is big (((

Vlad5664 12.06.22

Guys please help!! How to fix the problem with textures?? In chapter 5 with the puzzle where the doll needs to be assembled, one of the puzzles is turned upside down in the textures. Help me please!