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Longel 13.06.22 12:14 am

And the online profile by F4 called already can not be reset in licenses? (Snowrunner)

I foolishly deleted the save
because I sat down in the mud and didn’t take into account that I needed to move somewhere to start the training

. As a result, I started a new game, but I immediately had level 2 and took into account everything that I managed to do last time.

How to reset progress?
or is it all?
We are talking about licenses and the part that is stored somewhere on the side,
since deleting saves and turning off the cloud does
not help this situation in any way .

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Pavel Rally 13.06.22

In the game itself, you can turn on repeated hints in the menu, look at the beginning of the game on YouTube.

Longel 13.06.22

Pavel Rally
I'm a little bit different
Press F4 progress is indicated there
So it only goes up
Regardless of what is actually going on in the save game

You just put up with it because you can't reset
it Or is it still possible to do something
And what is shown in the video?

Pavel Rally 13.06.22

You wrote that you missed the tutorial, you can watch it in the video, there is no problem at all in the second level, it's even good, all the spare parts are unlocked at a high level.

Longel 13.06.22

Pavel Rally
I didn’t miss it, I just deleted the save because I got into the mud
Riding on the first map, I didn’t understand what to do next and made the wrong decision
But the progress of the save remained
So I wanted to reset the progress from the profile
Or if this is not possible, then I’ll put up with it