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Danik16 13.06.22 12:14 am

RX 6650 xt and 240Hz monitors

Good day forum users! I have a rather stupid question, maybe someone has the information?
I often play CSGO, I have a gigabyte auorus f125f monitor and I had a radeon rx 470 4 gb video card, I didn’t know any troubles. But I decided to upgrade and ordered a new ryksu 6650 xt, and not long ago I came across a video from one of the bloggers where he talks about some problem with 240 Hz monitors on 6x00 series cards, and what about px6600 xt and they turned off support for 240 Hz in everything. (Video title RX 6600 XT - AMD tried BUT mining won...). there is not much information there. Roofing felts on the desktop problems roofing felts something else. Tried googling this info to no avail.
Maybe someone knows how this vidyuha (px 6650 xt) works with monica 240 Hz? And if there are problems, is it only on the desktop or in games that something is also wrong?
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Loken 13.06.22

Yes, at the start of sales of Nvidia 3000 and AMD 6000, the vids had driver problems with support for 240 hertz monitors. As far as I know, at the moment both Nvidea and AMD have added full support for such monitors in their drivers.
Support was added for Nvidia in drivers 456.98, for AMD in 21.1.1.
Also, if you have a Samsung G9 monitor, you need to download firmware 1008.1 or later for it, in it Samsung also improved 240hz support on Nvidia 3000 and AMD 6000 cards.
Make sure you connect via a DP 1.2 or higher cable or HDMI 2.0 and above. This is for 1080p/240hz support.
All info from reddit according to company representatives.

Danik16 13.06.22

Thank you very much for the detailed answer!