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JackHarper 09.10.22 11:46 pm

How to kill Katakana? (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

How to kill Katakan if he regenerates all his HP? I tried all the skills, different approaches against him, but nothing works...
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Adamatist 09.10.22

Doormite bomb, it blocks HP regen

jackhack 09.10.22

I used the igni and then hit it, then you have to set it on fire again. It also seems that the dream of the dragon helps, but I'm not sure. (I play on 3 difficulties)

Alexander5050 09.10.22

Yes, most of the monsters on the pumped ignit can bring down the attack or something else from the cast

T-Max 09.10.22

I play on the highest. Passed the 10th attempt. It turned out that this is one of the few monsters that can be called with a quick attack, using an "almost" basic quen. It's a matter of chance, because Triss very successfully knocked down his attacks and I managed to squeeze him into a corner.
It’s not bad to dodge the blow with a rebound to the right / left, and then hit the hat. I managed to roll behind him during a marathon. As long as it is semi-transparent, the damage also goes.

FOSTER_ok 09.10.22

I don't know how you are so rushing. It regenerates for me even when I bombard the whole room with ability bombs. I beat him - he regenerates from me. I don't hit him - he just regenerates. Triss is useless

seffko 09.10.22

regen is interrupted by a trap, and if you didn't max it, it's a completely different story (black blood to the rescue)

FOSTER_ok 09.10.22

No, in the end he calmed down, drank energy regen, and kicked him with quick blows under aard. Dropped - beaten - dropped - beaten. That turned out to be easier.

Guest 03.11.22

You have to use qen(kwen).

Guest 03.11.22

And vampire oil.