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agula98 21.10.22 11:09 am

Game Impressions (Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 (2022))

The single player campaign is out tomorrow, share your opinions. Did you like her or not?
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NEMOY44 21.10.22

Won't play on Xbox

IDeaDHeaDI 21.10.22

Change region to USA in console. This is the only way I managed to get it running. The problem is massive, something was messed up with early access 😅
I feel like a pioneer. Then, for this achievement, the percentage will be many times higher)

PuNk1221 21.10.22

I went through most of the game, and was basically satisfied, well-designed locations, pleasant shooting, the plot is not bad, and in general the picture is pleasing to the eye.
SpoilerShadow Company rare hamnukes

Jay C 21.10.22

It's impossible to play on Steam! Not only that, 30 minutes later, only after the start of the office. the launch of early access to the company managed to download the game files, so then the game crashed just out of the blue. Now it doesn't go into the game at all. Already the entire steam forum for discussing the game is littered with negative reviews.
Thanks for the early access!

Blade86 25.10.22

and there is protection on it, will there be a campaign on the torrent?

Evgen-sava3195 25.10.22

The graphics are the bomb

Evgen-sava3195 25.10.22


Jay C 25.10.22

Yes, I also do not understand what's wrong with her. I do a file check and every time some file 24 does not pass the check and Steam downloads it.

N1ko64 25.10.22

Jay C
completed the game without a single crash on steam

Horse567 25.10.22

Where and how to buy it then?

xSartx 25.10.22

In the incentive it is possible through Kazakhstan, but it is not clear how much it will cost in the end.

Horse567 25.10.22

Does not allow the region to be changed, on the old account, or do I need to start a new one?

xSartx 25.10.22

I think it's easier to get a new one. Faster - Accurate

vald11 25.10.22

From the trailers, it seemed that in the second part, the developers would change the tone of the game with an emphasis on realism to some Michael Bay action films, but no, thank the gods this did not happen. I have not gone through the entire campaign yet, but the first missions are still the same realistic style of the first part of the restart. All the action is as mundane as possible. Instead of dozens of exploding houses, one will be shown. But they will do it very measuredly and in detail. And then they will also allow you to enter it and examine in detail the consequences of missile strikes, half-dead militants and a shell-shocked suicide bomber in the corridor with cement dust that has risen after the explosions. Animations are amazing! Models of weapons, characters - everything is very expensive and rich. Especially when it comes to soldier models. Such detailed and awesome animated faces (after death, some even roll their eyes) some ordinary opponents in other shooters have not yet been. In general, while everything is like, in the process of passing.

xSartx 25.10.22

Did you take it on steam? If yes, then how and what was the price?

vald11 25.10.22

Ps5 Turkish store, ~2600.

etosfreeno1 25.10.22

It took me 12.5 hours to pass, for all the time I flew out of the blue about 10 times probably.
As for the game: I liked it more than not. I didn’t like the large number of stealth missions, I don’t play splinter cell. 1 is enough! Everything else is cool

graphon express 25.10.22

Well, the plot seemed weak. The main characters received immortality when at least 1 hero flew off in each part in the original trilogy. Missions like "Not a word in Russian" or "Shock and awe" will not be here, but such shocking missions were the trump card of Kolda's single. In general, most of the tasks look like an advertisement for multiplayer chips, and the finale is generally at the level of "I even pressed, and the credits rolled." In general, I passed and forgot, at one time, I hope the multiplayer does not let us down.

AnPei 25.10.22

Graphics settings are something like don’t change the parameters, I don’t like everything, as a result I changed it to ultra in only one line and I’m almost satisfied, for a comfortable temperature of the video card and noise, I had to undervolt the video card. Not without bugs - since I had to connect a gamepad to get through one moment, because the keyboard didn’t work at all. Compared to a fellow 2019, the videos are credited. Cost less than 4000 rubles. standard, considered before buying 3500 r. , about 500 rubles went to interest, although infa interest is zero.

StormX07 25.10.22

Photos of the Boxed Edition appeared on the network, I didn’t play the game myself,
Repels multiplayer with a 3rd person view in a first-person shooter, it looks ridiculous for the series. source spoilerhttps://www.reddit.com/r/GameSale/comments/y92bfy/usa_h_mario_rabbids_sparks_of_hope_gold_edition/