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Play for meiiiiiiiiiiii 21.10.22 12:07 pm

EA app

Are you signed in to your PC WIN 10 account?
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StormX07 21.10.22

I log into my account normally

1) But there are strange and glitches.
I installed EA Desktop and it uninstalled the old Origin.
I had to reinstall!

2) If you start EA Desktop and do not log into your account, then close
the program cannot be deleted.

3) There is a strong download traffic to the Internet, from the Internet.
What sends, downloads?

And this version v1.0 is called ???
bring back STAR WARS Battlefront II bastards, what are you doing?

Play for meiiiiiiiiiiii 21.10.22

Fifa 21 - runs through both Steam and Origin. I launched fifa 21 through Origin - EA app - had to be deleted. These 2 programs, from the same publisher, conflict with each other. It shouldn’t be like that. And not right away started - the nerves were frayed. After installing 932 files in the incentive, it was added - when "checking the integrity of the files." And I did not immediately contact the technical support of the steam - to return the money. Rather - they did something. Checked the integrity of the files - nothing was added.