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miloc1234 17.11.22 12:30 am

Bottle kill for Rise of the Tomb Raider achievement

I welcome everyone.
Tell me - how to kill with a bottle? There is a Deadly Power perk, but when a bottle is in hand, Lara constantly kills with a bow.
Trying to replay the "Acropolis" level through the "Expedition" mode, Lara constantly starts with a wooden bow.
And I can't change bow.
How to kill with a bottle?
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AlexVilly 20.01.23

The easiest way to get this achievement. Bring the enemy to a state close to death, run away from him so that he loses sight of you and stops chasing you, and then we take the bottle in our hand and, as in the usual throw of an object to distract attention, we throw it straight into the enemy’s head. Helped me.