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Wigor-K 26.01.23 01:35 pm

Director\'s Cut only uses half of the graphics card (Death Stranding)

Please help, I'm exhausted. The Steam license game runs at 70-100 fps with drawdowns in the lake up to ~ 65, but the joke is that the video card is loaded by 50-60% and I can’t get more fps, although the game is running at 240 for others
. Proc i5-10400F, video Palit RTX 3070 Ti GamingPro, Patriot Viper Steel DDR4 16GB 4133MHz memory, SSD gaming, LG Full HD 144Hz monitor.
Playing in 2k via DLDSR, settings to max, DLSS enabled. The drivers are the latest, the settings changed everything, it doesn’t give anything, at the minimum in 1080p it goes a little faster, but the download of the video drops to 40% in general, there are no restrictions.
Fraps shows the load of one core up to 70-100%, but the percentage is not heated, in other games up to 70-72, and here up to 64. The video card is generally relaxed, 56gr, in other games up to 70. Other games load the video in full and work as it should. I installed the regular version of Death Stranding (epic license) and in it the load on the video card is 80-99% and the fps is 130-148, that is, it works fine there.
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