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alexdec2 28.02.23 08:38 pm

Why do people play games and not live real life?

There are fans of car simulators who buy steering wheels, expensive video cards, VR helmets in order to participate in virtual races. Why don't they do it in reality? If you like driving a car so much, buy it and work as a taxi driver, you will also earn money. Some people drive Euro Truck Simulator 2, but they could drive a real truck. Why don't they do it?

There are fans of sports games like FIFA 2018. What's the problem with buying a ball, going to the nearest stadium and playing football or basketball with other people for real?

There are MMO fans who spend months pumping up a character, doing stupid work, like “bring 5 tails”. Why not do the same in real life. You can go to work, get a job as a packer, for example, communicate with people, upgrade skills, gain knowledge in reality, do everything the same as in MMOs and get real benefits from it. But gamers don't.

Many people watch porn in VR, although they could fuck real women.

If fans of shooters. They, instead of shooting at the monitor, could just join the army or play airsoft and shoot with real weapons. Etc.

But people are fleeing reality into the virtual world. Why?

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Sanchez Ramirez 28.02.23

The game can be paused. This is not possible in life. Do you have dragons, war, pestilence? Well, for now I'll go to the cave and pick mushrooms, and then I'll put the junk on the shelves at home. Returning to the main quest after 10 gaming years, everyone will still stand in their places, waiting for the coveted "yes, let's start" from the main hero.

When playing football, you need to run a lot and you can get tired quickly. In the army, until the moment they let you shoot, you need to trample the parade ground, and so that the kirzachi shine, and get tired by the tooth. And there is little fun here and this will not have an effect on your combat skills.

If you maintain a balance between the real world and the virtual, then games are a blessing. Otherwise, you need to ban them, and films, and music, and any other entertainment. Leave only work, work, work... and that already smacks of tyranny.

mavlan 28.02.23

Sanchez Ramirez
"Otherwise, they should be banned, and films, and music, and any other entertainment. Leave only work, work, work ... and that already smacks of tyranny."
It reminds me of something, hmm... Somewhere I've heard something similar before, hmm... Demands to ban movies and games, hmm... raise the retirement age, and with it taxes, prices, etc. hmm .... I don’t understand what this reminds me of

bazilevs 28.02.23

It's just that in games you can be what you'll never be in real life...

requiemmm 28.02.23

Games are stupidly cheaper. In some cases, by two orders of magnitude or more. When a cartridge is one hundredth and higher, you can’t shoot very well. And even a top-end gaming computer is cheaper than a truck and its contents, but we want to go to Voronezh, just like in the game - we went, and not to deliver food around Pyaterochka around the ring. And even the games have not yet reached the point of suing your hut and 25% of your salary out of the blue and without the right to download :)
And there the rules of the game are respected. That is, for 50 mole pig tails you will get your 100 coins. In life, your tails will be taken away, and you will be knocked in the face, and you won’t be able to prove anything, because your offender has a father / brother / godfather / matchmaker from the FSB :) Lawlessness in all areas is somewhat tiring and clearly does not stimulate to continue acquaintance.

Hattack 28.02.23

bazilews wrote:
It's just that in games you can be what you can never be in real life...

Not really. It's just that life is shit.

mavlan 28.02.23

I'm playing Skyrim right now, what can you suggest to replace it? But in fact, when you play a computer game, you do not depend on anyone and in most cases you enjoy it. The vehicle is so simple, calculate how much VR costs and stray for racing, and calculate how much the car costs, rights, and yes, and you still need to get into it somehow. I don’t understand about eurotrak myself) About FIFA is also such an example, not everyone has the necessary number of friends who are not only fond of football, but also take their ass off the chair. About MMO and work, I also don’t understand why come home from work and sit down to work at MMO. It’s generally stupid about the army ... Shooting at the monitor and 2 years (or how many there already) to peel potatoes and cost the general’s dacha, or whatever else they are doing in the army right now. At the computer you will not be gouged by the boss for not fulfilling the plan, at the computer you will not get smashed in a car. And a computer in our country is much more affordable than going outside and playing football, not to mention racing and the rest. We had a field in front of the house, they built high-rise buildings for the policemen.
In general, I wrote that I myself got confused, the verdict is that the comp is more accessible and simpler.
PS and well, there are really not enough quicksaves in real life.

MunchkiN 616 28.02.23

It’s funny
according to this logic that you need to buy a food bull club to play Igor FIFA,
according to the idea of ​​​​a game like simulators, they play in order to perform certain simulation actions without any social responsibility and obligations, without becoming a driver of the tractor category, a PeC pilot, a combiner, etc.

Kokoprime1991 28.02.23

Why do people eat, watch TV, work, get married, be born, what is the meaning of life? Questions, questions...
Answer 1n- WHAT WAS -_-

Rebel220 28.02.23

Isn't it obvious? In games, we become heroes and drivers of expensive cars. It's like a book, only with sound and pictures, in a gray reality, everything is not so rosy.

evolving 28.02.23

In games, I try to take a break from everyday life and work as much as possible.
In addition, if you choose the right genre, you can strengthen your nerves, develop good hand motility and reaction. Or, for example, you can play with friends who live in another city. This is extremely helpful when you start to annoy each other.
In games, you need to develop your imagination, because. in the real world it's practically necessary *_*

jax-baron 28.02.23

And how do I make a total war warhammer in real life, well, I’ll go down the street, yes, I found beastmen (drunks) well, imperials (cops) well, a spawn of chaos (schoolchildren) if I walk around the benches then skavens (old women) well, I’ll find followers of slannesh ( courtesans) but the most important question is how can I make them fight between myself

Colonel Jason 28.02.23


jax baron wrote: no, I’ll go down the street, yes, I found beastmen (drunks) well, imperials (cops) well, the offspring of chaos (schoolchildren) if I walk around the benches, then skavens (old women) well, I’ll find slannesh followers (courtesans) but here’s the most important question how do i get them to fight each other

This is just as simple as that. You need to collect them in one place, and throw a pack of foreign banknotes under your feet. I assure you, the bloodiness of the carnage will not be inferior to the best examples of the WH universe.

jax-baron 28.02.23

And how to arrange a whirlwind? Yes, and all the same, little blood will be needed so that the heads are cast, the guts, a bucket of blood, and they will only stuff Hari and that's it

Colonel Jason 28.02.23

jax baron
This schoolboy will only make a mug (however, the latest news shows us that schoolchildren not only beat people up to resuscitation, but also go much further), but an employee with a service weapon... No, believe me, it will be something to look at.

Cowboy Belomor 28.02.23

jax baron
And who do you belong to, let me know.

jax-baron 28.02.23

Anglo-Saxon killer
Spawn of chaos

Anderby 28.02.23

Because reality sucks.

A.Soldier of Light 28.02.23

alexdec2 wrote:
Why don't they actually do this?

I have the same question. Why play sports games if, unlike your Mass Effects, Kalda and Witchers, you can do it in real life? -)
Come on, replace Doom 2 in real life ツ

alexdec2 wrote:
There are MMO fans who spend months on character leveling, doing dumb work like "bring 5 tails". Why not do the same in real life.

And now you're starting to get dumb. In real life, there is no magic and cute characters of other life forms ^_^

Sanchez Ramirez wrote:
In the army, until the moment they let you shoot, you need to trample the parade ground, and so that the kirzachi shine, and get tired to the teeth. And there is little fun here and this will not have an effect on your combat skills.

+1 just noticed, not much fun, they will make him a slave to carry out commands. In real life, there are no cheat codes, no saving, nothing that makes the game fun =]

Int0xicate 28.02.23

alexdec2 wrote:
But people are running from reality to the virtual world. Why?

Because you experienced real life and write nonsense here on the gaming forum. Seriously, did you read what you wrote at all? Either you're trolling, or... don't get sick there, get well.

airstorm 28.02.23


alexdec2 wrote:
do not live real life?

Any kind of game... sports, prefucking, theatrical, board, video, etc. is an integral part of real life. How much time to devote to one or another is already a purely individual approach, your interests, etc. You won't begin to wonder why an actor runs away from real life to rehearsals and productions in his theater ... for example. You have strange questions. Doesn’t pull on alcohol, rather