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Lyly7 28.02.23 08:38 pm

Recommend an interesting quest

Hi all. Recommend an interesting quest on PC with an addictive storyline and a colorful world. In Siberia, all the parts have already been passed, the Tunguska, the black mirror, the still life, the endless journey - all this has already been passed.

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kurskiy 28.02.23

From what has come out in recent years, I liked Encodya, Kapia and Saint Kotar.

requiemmm 28.02.23

bear with me. I don't like quests, but this one is cool and it doesn't have the typical schizophrenic puzzle quests from the 90s, because of which many people ignored the genre. You can check out Forgotton Anne, which is pretty good too.

sergeu78 28.02.23

legend of kyrandia

Lvinomord 28.02.23

Not really special in quests, but the Broken Sword series just infected me....