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evgeniik 29.05.23 04:00 pm

Where and how to buy this wonderful game for the rf region

Companions, interested in the current issue at the moment, what are the options for buying the game in steam with the established RF location?
I found one of the instructions here on the Internet https://www.playground.ru/misc/guide/kak_kupit_igry_nedostupnye_v_steam_bez_posrednikov_smeny_regiona_i_na_svoj_akkaunt-1607636
But there is no guarantee for gta iv, maybe who went to similar steps, share your experiences
p.s. pirate please do not offer ????????

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Night Strider 29.05.23

On pay.ru, for example https://plati.market/itm/gta-4-grand-theft-auto-iv-complete-edition-steam-ru/3456745

alik12345 29.05.23

Keep the pirate, torrent to help. Oh wait, you said not to offer the pirate version.

Best wacker 29.05.23

Why waste money when you can download from a torrent?

yar1097 29.05.23

What's the point of it being licensed now? Even the rights to the music have already expired, and instead of the original, well-known songs on the radio they play the tracks of the no-names without a copyright.