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ARTAMON 27.11.19 10:19 pm

Help with cemetery orcs (Gothic)

I found two scrolls for teleport spells. don't know how to teleportals( where). Lukor not showing the desired location for teleportation. prompt HOW to BE?
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ARTAMON 27.11.19

this reptile-the priest finally does not want to go to the main hall, standing like a sheep.

Maska-Z 27.11.19

perhaps you have found 2 scrolls of teleport, and 2 parts of the same scroll. Give these parts guru. He will stick and give it to you. The place where you need to teleport - closed the door on the right in the main hall (which is 2-storey with columns), however, the guru himself will tell you, if you pass by this door ;))

ARTAMON 27.11.19

he wouldn't give me anything

Maska-Z 27.11.19

as the guru's name with whom do you go to? This is the cemetery of the orcs?

ARTAMON 27.11.19

Baal Lukor.

Maska-Z 27.11.19

This cemetery is Orc such a confusing place to explain how and where to go is difficult. Better read the passage and he will understand what you should do, maybe forgot something on the way :))

Cor Angar (Cor Angar), the head of the Templar - it seems that the only person not lost after the ritual of judgment-offers to go check the old graveyard of the orcs. Sent there a detachment of Templars under the leadership of the Baal Lukor (baal Lukor) shows no news. Cor Angar asks us to find out what happened to them (Orc Cemetary).
To the bridge in the land of orcs, we will bring the Talas, but then have to hoof it alone. Here, you first have to deal with the orcs; be careful, do not let them attack in pairs or groups. To enter the cave, you need to turn the wheel lift. In the first room carefully scour the mummies in the tombs, they come across a great drug. Part niches enclosed by the bars, they open the switches to find which invaluable will help spell Light. In one of the halls we see an interesting picture: five of the orcs are attacking Baal Lukor and the whole company is making the rounds at breakneck speed. Do not climb on the rampage, attacking the orcs from behind, using the fact that their focus is on the servant Sleeping. For saving the life of Lukor will get +750 experience and will continue to explore the cemetery together. From a hall in which we saved the life of Baal, are three of the passage, start from the right.

At the end of the passage are two caves, one is blocked by bars. Raise it by pressing a switch hidden on the wall of the second cave. On the floor found a piece of parchment. The second part lies in the hall, at the end of the middle passage. Adding scraps, Lukor will notice that it reminds him Oracle spell. On the way back, BA'al will realize that this spell is Teleportation. The left passage will lead you into the great hall, where in addition to the regular orcs is a more formidable enemy is an Orc warrior. Lukor will determine the place where you want to use a scroll, and you will transfer over the wall.

Maska-Z 27.11.19

AM> I read your message. describe in more detail what you need village. in Gothic, he glued the scrolls but did not give me anything. to go anywhere he doesn't want, or can't disabled Kakou something. room where--- you know. the orcs all killed, the door is closed. Help??????????????????????????????????????

I have this guru also had problems, and worse than you. Many, by the way, the game is somehow buggy in this graveyard of the orcs. I, for example, is the guru, actually from the beginning did not want to. And all because before visiting this cemetery orcs, from the novice who holds to this cemetery, my hero, yielding to a lust for money, asked a few coins for something that will hold it to the cemetery. The result is a glitch. I had to go again. Therefore, what you may not know. Try this Lukor to beat. Talk to him yourself. Walk everywhere in this cemetery. Everywhere clicked switches.

Here from the start: Come in this cemetery orcs. Beat all the orcs that I meet. Go on, come across a guru who's fighting the orcs. Kill all the orcs. Talking with the guru. It is a small room from which there are 3 ways. First go right, then the middle ( after passing these 2 passages find the 2nd half of the scroll, give them guru), and then to the left. The left is the hall, in which is the door (to the right in the hall).

chiter _1 27.11.19

Artaman have not played already in 1 Gotha...so like you need him to run then he will have insight and he is using graffiti decipher these 2 of the rollout.

desecrator 27.11.19


Aragorn76 27.11.19

Went to quest in the tomb of the orcs gathered the halves of the scrolls and gave the riders from the swamp, he had me brought to the gate in the hall with columns and ordered the spell to read. I activate it, the blue circles are, but nothing happens, and I like the wall and need this bastard gone kudato ... What to do?


Insomniac 27.11.19

Why are a few topics to post

Answer: You don't to that wall came up.

Aragorn76 27.11.19

Help please, came to the first Gothic in the cave cemetery of the orcs in the great hall opened all the niches with the mummies, except for two - don't know how, helped to kill everyone, killed Orc soldier found both parts of the scroll, the bog led to the wall, told me to use a spell and disappeared, the spell is used - through the wall you can't go that wrong? can the level of need or what skills or scrolls with them to have. Or what does not work, these toys are fun, and what do not know, a fresh start ....
Went to the right wall ...

Lee Che Pasko 27.11.19

Revive the topic=)
The problem is following, when I use the scroll of teleportation near the wall, you find yourself in a corridor. I reach the platform where the sword is sticking in the skeleton. Take the sword and run for Lucorum. But this stump not crazy as enters the room. Although the passage says that he needs to attack me. Tell me what to do?

Playshner 27.11.19

Tell me what to do?

smaller read the passage...before the games...LOL...

Shpiker 27.11.19

I too was in this place glitches. The first time I came to the cemetery of the orcs, there was nobody, i.e., there was no Orc , nor dead novices or Baal Lukor. Then I rebooted , and then everything happened. I met Lukor , found part of a scroll , and with the help of Lucara Baal has teleported to the right place. There I found some sort of cave , and lyukor went crazy and attacked me. What happened next is clear and true. But then I passed the game many times , and in posledstvii I've always had the same bug: I teleported in a specified place , and on the other side of the wall I turn the winch , and lyukor this time somehow it turns out at all at the other end of this dungeon , and even if to find him, and lead him in the right cave , then do not. He's just stupid for you runs , and no continuation of the quest does not occur. Since this job I always do. Quest the graveyard of the orcs is appears last in the second Chapter , so it can be skipped with the help of an assistant , insert by the code sh .

Dark-tron 27.11.19

You have great warrior-an Orc fighting? And this Guru fights with him? you(guru) in the main hall led? in this 2-storey with columns.

Shpiker 27.11.19

So fought. Guru also helps. One time I was even able to go through without glitches.

ArWen Red Dragonica 27.11.19

I personally have a glitch with the guru appeared just once, when I passed the game the first time. Led him into the hall (before entering he said that he understood everything), but he is silent. All four walls had failed him - a zero of emotions! But the next time took Gotu 2nd time, he without any claims handed me a scroll of teleportation!)))

alecs 27.11.19

People help pass the cemetery is a guru and does not want to go send Save after teleport pliz or maybe you can skip this cemetery as it is

beregovoi brat 27.11.19

Oh my God... Get a scroll of turning into any animal. Apply it. Idol to chase you. Run away from him into the hall and there will return to human form.