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FallenGhost 13.09.19 10:56 pm

How to add the Mustang Razor without mods? (Need for Speed: Most Wanted (2005))

Friends, surely someone of you knows how to do it without modifications, and the ExtraOptions. On the Internet found a save game with this car and 0% traversed the game. But I would like to add it to your saving. Please tell me how to do it?

Already understood, thank you:)
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Dead Skinhead 13.09.19

Only you can add ExtraOptions)

FallenGhost 13.09.19

Dead Skinhead
I ExtraOptions what I was doing, I was wondering how to do it without third-party modifications. Because if you start a save game with this machine, removing ExtraOptions, or on another PC without any options, it will give an error and will not load, even if you restore the editor saves.

And with the problem sorted out by editing the HEX code of the save file.

Dead Skinhead 13.09.19

But that would be OK if using ExtraOptions just set the vinyl, then when you remove the options, save game should load at least I have loads)

P.G. Viper 13.09.19

How I did it when I had no extra options
1. Buy The Mustang.
2. Go to the store and put everything except the vinyls.
3.Download trainer from MWinside. Reference: https://www.playground.ru/cheats/need_for_speed_most_wanted_2005_trejner_trainer_mw_inside_1_77-67496/
4. Run and click on ExtraOption (will be after Patch) and 2 in column 4 include function.
5. Start the game, go to the store, vinyls after the category winners of the competition will be another section in it and vinyls bosses.
6. And you're done!

FallenGhost 13.09.19

Dead Skinhead
And what version ExtraOptions tried? I tested the new v8.0.0.1338, I have not downloaded.

Alexander_Vesker 13.09.19

buy the Mustang.tune.put the vinyls(preferably from the EB lanes as MIA)set of discs with a radius of 17. Open hex press on F3 and enter the disks for example disks we have are 5Zigen FNO1R(code disc 2223 - 2523 it is for him looking for his car) don't forget about the 17 and press search three times. When search is not possible on message displays. Then find yourself vinyl it is indicated by such figures 5912 - 5B12 and replace these numbers with their 4312 ie instead of the 5V put the number 43 it will be vinyl Razor

All vinyls

C111 BMW M3 GTR Vinyl
C211 BMW M3 GTR Motorsport Vinyl
C311 - CE11 Flames 1 - 12
CF11 - DE11 Stripe 1 - 16
DF11 - EC11 Tribal 1 - 14
ED11 - F511 Flag 1 - 9
F611 - 0B12 Country Flag 1 -22
0C12 - 3412 Body 1 - 41
3512 VW Golf GTi Vinyl
3612 Lexus IS300 Vinyl
3712 Toyota Supra Vinyl
3812 Mazda RX-8 Vinyl
3912 Mitsubishi Eclipse Vinyl
3A12 Porsche Cayman S Vinyl
3B12 Mitsubishi Lancer Evo VIII Vinyl
3C12 Ford Mustang GT Vinyl
3D12 Mercedes CLK500 Vinyl
3E12 Lamborghini Gallardo Vinyl
3F12 Corvette C6 Vinyl
4012 Dodge Viper SRT10 Vinyl
4112 Aston Martin DB9 Vinyl
4312 Ford Mustang GT Razor Vinyl
4412 - 4F12 Unique 1 - 12
5312 - 5712 Competition Winners 1 - 5
5812 Carbon Vinyl
5912 - 5B12 Black Edition 1 - 3

All of the drives
2223 - 2523 5Zigen FNO1R
2623 - 2923 5Zigen SUPERSIX
2A23 - 2D23 5Zigen 5ZR
2E23 - 3123 5Zigen GN+
3223 - 3523 5Zigen GRAVIS 1
3623 - 3923 ADR ADRENALINE
3A23 - 3D23 ADR EMPIRE
3E23 - 4123 ADR GT-SPORT
4223 - 4523 ADR M-SPORT
4623 - 4923 ADR SOKUDO-8
4A23 - 4D23 BBS GT
4E23 - 5123 BBS RS GT
5223 - 5523 BBS LM
5623 - 5923 BBS CH
5A23 - 5D23 BBS RK
5E23 - 6123 BBS RX
6223 - 6523 Enkei NTO3+M
6623 - 6923 Enkei J SPEED 3
6A23 - 6D23 Enkei ES-TARMAC
6E23 - 7123 Enkei WRC TARMAC
7223 - 7523 Knig BLATANT
7623 - 7923 Knig IMAGINE
7A23 - 7D23 Knig THEORY
7E23 - 8123 Lwenhart XIR
8223 - 8523 Lwenhart BR5
8623 - 8923 Lwenhart CDR
8A23 - 8D23 Racing Hart MULTI C4
8E23 - 9123 Racing Hart CX
9223 - 9523 Racing Hart CP
9623 - 9923 Racing Hart CR
A223 - A523 O. Z. OPERA
A623 - A923 O. Z. SUPERLEGGERA III (Mulitpiece)
AE23 - B123 Volk TE37
B223 - B523 Volk CE28
B623 - B923 Volk GT-P
BA23 - BD23 Ro_Ja FORMULA 1
BE23 - C123 Ro_Ja FORMULA 7
C223 - C523 Ro_Ja FORMULA 2
Then you can already put any disks. That's the way and put vinyls of any boss. You can check with online no one will say that this is not the stock vinyls. I used to always do when lost in 2 of the 6 markers. However in the last extropian already 6 out of 6 is not steamed

Dead Skinhead 13.09.19


FallenGhost 13.09.19

Thanks, yesterday I already figured out - just put the vinyl knowing it its HEX code found in the editor and replaced Lazorovski:)

RAZOR201 02.12.20

please say I installed the extra option and I installed the ravor vinyl but after removing the options I don't have a saving work why?

Alexander_Vesker 02.12.20

game under them sharpened

RAZOR201 02.12.20

Please explain on the best (I want to make my save)

Qubretes 05.04.21

What they offer here is the installation of a special vinyl of Razor on a regular mustang with a mod or through a hex, this is not a real Razor mustang. The real one has no tuning and has its own kind of nitro, maybe its own characteristics in general. In general, it is not regulated by anything, and nitro can be like the default Camaro, or junkman. How did I know this? I changed the car for the race. Only if you go to the garage or even go into tuning, the car changes back to the player's car.