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Dogmit 14.09.19 09:17 pm

What games 2019 you really liked?

Rezik 2

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potter790 14.09.19

Metro briskly not unique.. especially with your Terry Russophobia, and tantrums which I arranged. I liked the fact that there is progress, perhaps the next Metro will be more coherent and more consistent with modern gaming realities. If you really play the story, and the directing would have a little bit to tighten up the acting, at the level of 2007. Against the background of Western games looks pretty dull, even compared to passerina.
Control here definitely like. It even made the extra varied and interesting. Love the story with the mirror.
More so far this year and noted nothing. The advertisement something like ogogo, and the output disappointing. Same monkeys, a million-dollar idea, the implementation of a penny. Ubisoft campaign never ex. xD)
They are good to ruin your ideas, but with the implementation of strained.. and the campaign is inherited to former employees. As they say an old dog new tricks can't teach. ))
Anthem too, like the idea was sound, but it is more agony. In General, another dull year for games. Well, so far, here Control pleased can to the end of the year more than happy.

Stockton_Slap 14.09.19


Pecos_Bill_2.0 14.09.19

Metroka, ДМК5, Axe

PandaGo 29.09.20

Metro and greedfall the rest seem like some kind of feces

Alphalva 29.09.20

2018 RDR2 only)

Lightninggg 29.09.20

Devil May Cry 5 is certainly a timeless game, one of the best in this generation as a whole and the best in its genre. And release it 10 years ago or vice versa in 10 years in the future, there will be the same effect. Masterpiece.

Dako7 29.09.20

DMK, RE, Sekiro, Ridge2 (at times), Metro, Geers5, Control (personally for me so far GOTI).

Emris_ua 29.09.20

"Metro Exodus" !!!

Metalist1925 29.09.20

DMC 5, Apsulov: End of Gods, Katana ZERO, Blair Witch

Konstantin335 29.09.20

Metro Exodus, The Dark Pictures: Man of Medan, Control.
I would also like to highlight Heavy Rain and Beyond Two Souls, although these games are not 2019, but the PC came out for the first time.

Palonato 29.09.20

Metro Exodus.

Anderby 29.09.20

Pikunuku, Bloodstained: Ritural of the Night, Astral Chain.

MelShlemming 29.09.20

Of this year's games, I only liked the Resident remake.

saa0891 29.09.20

RE 2
Metro Exodus
Remnant: From the Ashes

lexar2018 29.09.20


Khaomi 29.09.20

Only Risk of Rain 2 (yet in early access) and Katana zero. Disgusting year, the next one should be better.

z8TiREX8z 29.09.20

Cutter 2, 100% is the best game that I've played this year.
Metro Exodus, also awesome game.
DMC 5, good game, but previous parts better, especially 3
Greedfall, from the sky stars are not enough but also normal.
GENERATION zero, liked, not ideal, but came, I will not say that straight, straight, but thanks to the atmosphere and shooting, reached the end.

The Surge 2 hasn't played yet.
And so there was nothing worth my attention on the PC did not come out.
But the most in my opinion is
Resic 2

Metro Exodus

R_D_V 29.09.20

Borda 3 and all

Beirut 29.09.20

There were no masterpieces, some middle-of-the-head who is better, who is worse

masha 29.09.20

I wasn't interested in the 2019 games.
And what were some games this year? I think in games all the same, only the scenery changes.

Local news to read, so chew the same games and the same characters, nothing new, and all so monotonous.
Really now flipped the news, the games are kind of different, and the backs are the same, all the same forest, all the same special effects. Just you can take the same game, change the outfit of the characters and in different locations to develop the plot, and get a new game.

And there are no Russian games either. If there are all the import substitution Russian games, it will be all the same, only worse.