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BarackKamacho 02.01.20 08:01 pm

How to open the chest in the personal chambers of Riker (Divinity: Original Sin 2)

Actually a subject,in the basement of Riker in that room which is opened by the lever at the mirror there is a chest which just pulls the Source (he's still in front of the mirror Forever),the key to it I found while climbed the entire shelter up and down,and a couple of questions
1)What is the Profit from finding other teachers Source if I've already got 3 points, just books and all?
2) Why do we need ancient tablet, which I brought the same Riker,she will need the story or extra quests or don't need it anymore?(To say specifically where it will come in handy is not necessary, just please tell me whether the meaning of it)
3) somewhere on the coast of Driftwood is suitable thieves armor which is based on dodging?
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HinataKawa1 02.01.20

1) no Profit, current as additional quests for experience.
2)Need for additional quesof pair.

I was breaking open the chest at Ryker, takoyzhe the chest is on an island where demons.

Hattack 02.01.20

BarackKamacho wrote:
Why do we need ancient tablet
It will crafted highly questionable fluff.
BarackKamacho wrote:
What Profit from finding other teachers Source if I've already got 3 points
Probably experience and all related. If you're not a Munchkin, then this is not for you.

Vaier 02.01.20

The key can be stolen from the pockets of Riker, but when you open them, the source will still be depleted