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supercj 17.09.19 06:02 pm

Editable values artifacts (S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl)

here's my article for editing (material taken from gambling, but altered in my own words)):
to do this, you do not need to be a Pro Builder or a programmer.We only need to know how to deal with Notepad and be able to type on the keyboard, a little to know English.
First you need to make a copy of the file artefacts.ltx. Then open the original file and see my description.
Personally I edited the night star artifact ([night_star] - the artifact name in the file artefacts.ltx in English). Here is a list of what we need to edit:
1.find in the file the line [af_night_star] : af_base
2.looking for a below the line cost.This is the setting of prices.There is already a standard price, and you can edit at will, just put your desired number.
3.now begins the main edit.
find the line artefact_activation_seq . and look at the lines below:
health_restore_speed - speed recovery.
radiation_restore_speed - throughput radiation
satiety_restore_speed - saturation.
power_restore_speed - refreshment
bleeding_restore_speed - stop bleeding.
now, instead of numbers that stand in front of them, put your. if you want chitsy artifact without defects, it is necessary to put the number after the zeros and points.if you want the defects, then the bet is zero number.
health_restore_speed = 0.90000000
radiation_restore_speed = -0.090000
satiety_restore_speed = 0.0
power_restore_speed = 0.90000000
bleeding_restore_speed = 0.900000
note: if you need to get the artifact output radiation, before the zero point and give a minus.and if you want to become immortal in the game, the health regeneration put 90000000. example: 0.90000000
4.figure it out.find the line [af_night_star_absorbarion]
here is a list of options:
burn_immunity - fire protection.
strike_immunity - impact protection.
shock_immunity - protection against electric shock.
wound_immunity - protection gap.(bites dogs count too!)
radiation_immunity - radiation protection.
telepatic_immunity - protection against telepathy (controllers, PSI radiation)
chemical_burn_immunity - protection from chemical burns.
explosion_immunity - protection against explosions.
fire_wound_immunity - bullet resistance.
something all too easy. if you want a positive effect - give the number after zero and dot.if a negative number instead of zero.
here is an example (everything positive):
burn_immunity = 0.400000
strike_immunity = 0.400000
shock_immunity = 0.400000
wound_immunity = 0.40000
radiation_immunity = 0.400000
telepatic_immunity = 0.400000
chemical_burn_immunity = 0.400000
explosion_immunity = 0.400000
fire_wound_immunity = 0.400000
and remember! the number which you set in the file artifacts will be in the game less! (I don't know why).
well, in General, and all). Good luck!.
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Sooltan DJ 17.09.19

copy-paste... well leave the subject can someone come in handy

supercj 17.09.19

) and by the way, if you put the values as I have (in example) you will be still on the drum.though the sniper with a Gauss in the focus approach, or bare area (in the sweater) can walk, and opticki not to buy. I know that the play is not interesting, but if you don't pass any mission, I think you can.and if you get bored , simply remove the artifacts from the zone.

RafaelKing 17.09.19


Aleksandr Safronov34 17.09.19

if you be enlightened, come on,explain such a thing...Playing call of Chernobyl, edit the artifact,and he,the dog so,after a few meters running loses its properties.Th for garbage?

Fiend Astaroth 17.09.19

Alexander Сафронов34
S. T. A. L. K. E. R. - Call of Chernobyl has such a chip, the artifacts deteriorate after some time. And apparently with this and tied, i.e., a certain percent of it has a worst performance, and there new numbers. Disable this feature in settings.

Aleksandr Safronov34 17.09.19

Ah,would know where to disconnect((

Aleksandr Safronov34 17.09.19

Damn, I got it, thanks, dude ))
PS I'm in these settings came,but th-t tupanul and not spun the wheel))

Fiend Astaroth 17.09.19

Alexander Сафронов34
I hope that now will be as it should. You're welcome.

DMG EX777 17.09.19

I have long and CHN and particulate matter alter the properties of the artifacts.But life is not put,more has changed for increasing endurance and of weight.It's simple,nothing complicated.Changed the artifacts and never a problem with it was not.

Aleksandr Safronov34 17.09.19

I each of the parts has passed several times(with the exception of ERS,was held twice,both times to the end-flew vinda),now I'm interested to be fashion,so I also act this way.Play normally until I find the first artifact,and then-well, terminator,zaradi interest,what's next in the story.And also had no problems,this is the first time,and-inadvertently))Who knew that the mod artifacts spoils?))I suspect that with the hodgepodge of the same problem-not in 100 meters go bad,but still frustrating when you think you're immortal,go out 5 warriors,they at the same time you shot,and spoil this artifact.I'll be checking....
P. S. in this fashion also changed only the weight and stamina-so the interest remains)

XFANS__0 17.09.19

Alexander Сафронов34
hi listen can you help me at the expense of artifacts I've been trying to change the properties and they don't change

Scarys59 17.09.19

RaptorFZ64 17.09.19

I have not worked all did as is written even the same artifact ispolzoval nifiga either crashes or the values of ordinary

RestlessDreams91 17.09.19

December 29, 2009.

cuber28 17.09.19

Fiend Astaroth
Call of Chernobyl, made on the basis of Call of Pripyat. But in call of Pripyat, it is necessary to put all values, like all time a minus. That is, the radiation where you write bet 100, and he'll have you beat with 100% radiation when wearing, so we must put a minus.

Dima Go tv 25.10.20

help I can't do it on stalker great war

LesterKov 05.10.22

Since I found this article, others can too. I will add a little bit to the mechanics of values ​​(at the same time it will become clear why the values ​​in the game differ from the values ​​in the file). The immunity values ​​in the file are the coefficient that PASSES through the player. That is, if the value is "1.0" - 100% damage passes through the player, there is no protection. If "0.78" - 78% of the damage passes through the player, that is, the protection of the artifact is 22% (100-78). If the value is "2.41" - 241% of the damage passes through the player, respectively, the protection of the art is -141%. "0" gives +100% protection (percentage of transmitted damage is 0, respectively, coefficient -1)
You can also set negative values ​​​​without problems, according to the same principle: the value "-1" will give you 200% protection (it turns out -2 coefficient ), -2 = 300%, -3 = 400%, etc.
The easiest way is to read the result as (1-"value")*100
Value 0.82 = (1-0.82)*100=18
1.46 = (1-1.46)*100= -54
-0 .71 = (1-(-0.71)*100=(1+0.71)*100=171