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ReKsSam 25.01.20 01:31 pm

How to edit the Coalesced files.ini and Coalesced.eng (Mortal Kombat (2011))

Edit The Coalesced.ini need to manually add new costumes to the game.

In Coalesced.eng you can specify the name of the suit, but not necessarily - in the performance would have no impact. If Coalesced.eng a text, then in the game it will look just BUG_ME

File character or costume - CHAR_???.xxx should be in the folder:
Mortal Kombat\DiscContentPC\Asset

For starters, you need a program 9 MK9 Coalesced Tool by Haoose
It looks like this:

Folder (in\out) is the path to the folder in which to unpack the selected file or folder, which will be Packed with its contents in game readable format.

Open 9 MK9 Coalesced Tool by Haoose
1)In the line: Folder (in\out) to select the directory where you unzipped the file (this can help the dot in the upper right corner.
2) Now click Extract and select the file you want to unpack.
Coalesced.ini is here: Mortal Kombat\DiscContentPC\Config
Coalesced.eng is here: Mortal Kombat\DiscContentPC\Localization

That's all, the file is unpacked, looking for its contents in the folder you specified in paragraph 1

Adding lines in Coalesced.ini
After unpacking the file Coalesced.ini you will see a Config folder, and in it 15 text files.
Of them we only need one - MK9Game.ini
To open this file preferably Hex editor, WordPad'om at least.

MK9Game.ini is divided into categories, but we need only these:

Here is written the name of file suit, but without specifying the format .xxx and the prefix CHAR_
It should be added at the beginning
Is (For new costumes for all standard character)
IsDLC= (For new characters or costumes for the new characters)
However, I don't know what would be the difference if you swap them. It does not matter.

Example: Isscorpion_c (as an example, costume for Scorpio)

Here prescribes the ID characters. If the ID is not written - the character to start the game (only in training mode).
Not all characters and costumes require that prescribed for them ID
Require only adding new characters and new costumes for the DLC characters (Skarlet, Freddy, Kenshi and rein).
Example: scorpion_c=14001
ID can be any ID number cannot be repeated.

Here prescribes the availability (TRUE) or disable (FALSE) the costume or character in the game to the player. (Example: scorpion_c=TRUE or scorpion_c=FALSE)
This item is mandatory for all new costumes and characters.
If you put a new character is FALSE - that it will be workable in the game and you can even meet him in the ladder mode, but it won't be available in the menu of character selection.

We are interested in the last paragraph.
It is needed only for the new retro costumes. All the rest can do without this item.
It spells out some character customization, and it details the kids (with a Babality).

For example:
[CHAR_SCORPION_C] - file name of the character or file suit
MeshName=RetroNinja_Male_MK1 - the name of the meshes
BabyScript=NPC_Scorpion_C_Baby.mko - the last two lines is an indication of a child who will be involved in Babality.

Adding lines in Coalesced.eng
Contents Coalesced.eng looks like this:
MK9Game\Localization\ru in the last four folder file.
We need only the file MK9Game.eng
Open any text editor, but it is better again Hex editor (WordPad)

Unfortunately, the file MK9Game.eng is not divided into sections.
In him, we have to enter the name of a new character or a new costume.
Press Ctr+F and type in the line baraka=BARAKA, will take you to the top of the list, which spelled out the names of the costumes and characters.

For a new character, you must register two new lines:
The name of the character that was specified in Coalesced.ini = the Name by which he will be named in the game
File name=the name of the suit (Not necessarily COSTUME 1)

Example (File names CHAR_CbNoob.xxx):
char_CbNoob=COSTUME 1

For the new suit just one extra line
File name=the name of the costume in the game

For example:
char_CbNoob_b=COSTUME 2

In the file name do not need to specify the format .xxx

As you can see, both files have a certain folder hierarchy. When you pack it it needs to be observed!

1) Compliance hierarchy
For Coalesced.ini
Create a new folder, place it in the Config folder (which you got when unpacking) with all its contents.

For Coalesced.eng
Create a new folder, put the folder MK9Game (which you got when unpacking) with all its contents.
If you make a mistake in observing the hierarchy Coalesced.eng, your game turned into one continuous BUG_ME.

2) Open the program 9 MK9 Coalesced Tool by Haoose
In the line: Folder (in\out) to select the directory whose contents will be Packed.
You need to choose that new folder that you created in step one.
Pack click in the program window and wait until it is DONE!

3) If done correctly you should have a file new_Coalesced.new
If you had to pack Coalesced.ini, then rename it to Coalesced.ini and place in a folder Mortal Kombat\DiscContentPC\Config
If you had to pack Coalesced.eng, rename it to Coalesced.eng and place in a folder Mortal Kombat\DiscContentPC\Localization

Example of adding a new costume
Reference: http://www.mksecrets.net/forums/eng/viewtopic.php?f=81&t=6816&sid=f8dccd993b909a3e399db812ea5cdc3d
A new outfit for JAX
File name: CHAR_Jax_H.xxx

In Coalesced.ini append the following:
In [Player]

In [Player.DownloadContentID]
Anything to register no need

In [Player.DownloadContentUnlocked]

In [Arena]
Anything to register no need

In Coalesced.eng
Find line jax=JAX
Below prescribes the following: char_jax_h=?OSTUME 3

Pack, inserted into the game folder and you're done.
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Daizar Dario 25.01.20

As you experts can me please give?

Daizar Dario 25.01.20

Programs M?

shaytan v ks 25.01.20

Daizar Dario
You don't know what is Google?

Daizar Dario 25.01.20

I know it but he doesn't know references

shaytan v ks 25.01.20

Daizar Dario
All links to all needed things here: http://www.mksecrets.net/forums/eng/viewtopic.php?f=84&t=6529 (no ads)

Daizar Dario 25.01.20

anyone have mod MK classics skinte in PG

Nikolay Krivoruchko 25.01.20

Necropost... How to remove from the ladder need a fighter? Interested in removing the added mods.

ditya_ar 25.01.20

after adding a new DLC character when you select your fighter throws ie before I get to the icons. What to do?

ditya_ar 25.01.20

After adding a new character when I go to the character selection throws. Help please

ReKsSam 25.01.20

I've been not doing it

Guest 29.12.20

Hey guys,I was wondering if I could make various custom player select slots and putting for example already existing characters from the game but with edited chars like Skarlet?

Guest 29.12.20

And also how can I edit the char.xxx files of a character.I know that I have to decompress and extract the texture2d-dds files for using them in photoshop but I am really confused on how to change the colors of one's outfit for example skarlet''s red outfit.What are the file names for each character's feautures

Kenny3000 20.01.23

When unpacking Coalesced.ini, I have not 15 text files, but only 4 and MK9Game.in is not there. Can anyone explain in more detail, I did not find any video guides.