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Daniil179 21.09.19 05:20 pm

Does not work change the CBBE body using BodySlide (The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim)

Downloaded BodySlide (Bodyslide) and CBBE. Want to make your body. Bodyslide installed in Mod Organizer 2 (MO2), and CBBE too, but they are in separate folders. I use HDT (it is in the game folder). In Bodyslide configured so that all kind of worked:

The data directory of the game: ...\MO2\mods\Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition-CBBE-\ (here I have set up so that the model was inserted where it is necessary, that is, in itself CBBE)

When everything should work in my opinion, it doesn't work, drive it all the time is Slim (or vanilla, don't know (but I actually chose Curvy, but then wanted your model)).

I pressed Build, tried it/something/someone to change, they beat the tambourine, but nothing...
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ImTheGREED 21.09.19

Oh that would be hard, well, go...
1 - Start bodyslide using MO2?
2 - About your Directory data of the game... then I do not understand what, where and most importantly WHY did you put this option.
3 - does ??2 overwrite mods? ( red triangle in upper right corner )

Daniil179 21.09.19

1 - Yes.
2 - [don't know what to say]
3 - Yes, shows.

ImTheGREED 21.09.19

In General on the second point, in bodyslide need to put back the game directory ( ... \Skyrim\Data\ ) and in theory it should work.
And the third point, it is advisable to create a separate mod for files being overwritten.

_Alexandro_ 21.09.19

Make sure BodySlide is properly installed in the game directory and installed as shown
The Data directory must be present in the program and BSA archives have to be connected

Derley 21.09.19

build for further work with the specified body bodyslide.Whatever further manipulation is not carried out , in the end always batch build,so the game was.Oh , and also , if mod organizer doesn't see the directory bodyslide,then when you click on the thumbs,not the image of the model body in General

CHADREX 21.09.19

Complement the answers. You can even specify a folder for saving files created using the application (edit the list of programs mo2 - then select from the list folder fashion). It is useful to generate.tri files, which are not generally available and, for those mods where mesh files need to generate yourself. The selected folder should be at the bottom.