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d1sss 23.02.20 03:49 pm

Kratos on PC (Mortal Kombat (2011))

Kratos exclusive to PS3 . but we know 4to on PC all the breaks . so maybe it will appear there ?
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AriellaPrendermi 23.02.20

No way.
It simply is not present in the version for the PC.
Kratos and his card is exclusive for 3rd Sonya.

Troy. 23.02.20

but we know 4to on PC alone visionaries.

Neocronos 23.02.20

If there are enthusiasts who are capable to convert files of character from the ps3 version in the computer, then-Yes, they will appear.
But I guess to expect such is not necessary, because all do not care.
PS: Although... Maybe someone wants to annoy zealots?..

Karnaj 23.02.20

I am not a particular fan of Kratos, but better still a full-fledged fighter, created by the developers than a bunch of simple retextures. For the full set on the PC, so to speak)) even Though he was not from the Battalion, but unlike Freddy he at least fighter (MK, still, fighting tournament). So I hope that its still hacked. If possible, why not?

but we know 4to on PC alone visionaries.

When he wrote that MK9 will come to PC too, I suppose, so wrote? And what is the result? Or are you so cling to a past that remained exclusive?

Karnaj 23.02.20

Thank You, Cap!

Napoleon Bonaparte 23.02.20

All things are possible.Record has some ini files.


DiMario72rus 23.02.20

well molodenkimi sooner or later still will make it for PC . and on account of the official add character I'm not sure , and honestly he does not need fuck like Freddie Kruger, they only spoil its appearance, it is better if the Persians did not these vampires

Diflyukan 23.02.20

Kratos I did not like as a fighter in MK9. As for Freddie! if they Jerry-rigged an old model Kruger would leave 1 glove and did normal attacks, not these stick in the glove, put your glove, slide the glove into the floor and so on character turned out not bad! and so it seems that Kruger did a quick hand that would cut the dough :)

Karnaj 23.02.20

well molodenkimi sooner or later still will make it for PC . and on account of the official add character I'm not sure

Officially it won't appear for, it is exclusive to Sony. This topic is just about adding it to the modders on the PC.

better if the Persians did not these vampires

So normal (from the trilogy) have all done, and even one abnormal (Kenshi). Mutara is not made for technical reasons. So no one left. If you do not forget that Freddy and Kratos - guest characters, they are tolerable.

About Freddy, I fully agree.

DiMario72rus 23.02.20

I am not fond of almost all honor Morticia Paulsen 4 , but there are a couple of nice Persians , for example, the fallen God Shinnok , or Fujin the God of Wind , for example, or you can think of as exceptions are added to Tremor , if anyone knows of whom I write, of course.

DiMario72rus 23.02.20

hi, Yes could for fun even make Onegu as a secret character to play against bots,but this Freddie Oh guys I don't like it....

and by the way there is still frost student Sabika is also a good Persian , well at least in Mortise and so two refrigerators there , the third is not needed))

Karnaj 23.02.20

Well, four have some good characters Quan Chi (MK9 added in) and Shinnok.

About Shinnok

1) It would be a good Persian, if developed, it developed. And then he was 4 parts at all on the plot is not affected, unlike Quan Chi. Appears only in Armageddon (IMHO, the worst part - piled ALL of the characters, including and bad, and the gameplay scored)

2) You have not forgotten that he had no receptions in four, it turns into other Persians, without changing the appearance. We really need this flawed version of Shang Tsung? However, he, like Shang Tsung can become only to one with whom there is a fight, otherwise the fight will be VERY long download.

3) Judging from the story of MK9, Shinnok left on the next part.

The Persians of parts 5-8 - falevye! And even more from Special Forces (Tremor). She did not MK-shnaya and worse all sold out!

About Kratos:

Full mod on the choice of the bosses is already there. I hope to release a boxed version of the game modders will do and Kratos is available (though it is harder). Then I just have will have access to ALL characters))) because by the time will get a decent computer, pulling MK9!

PS do Not leave the topic here about Kratos.

Troy. 23.02.20

I wrote nothing, I was playing 2 years ago and going through it now by purchasing a license. To cling to the exclusivity that is the lot of fools, exactly the same who say Console, thanks for the Beta test. Oh and that was sarcasm, but Fanny perceive all close to heart as if I had struck them personally. As for Kratos, he's unplayable shit for playing a game, because he's too Hey guys.

WarlokIII 23.02.20

If the game is made for boxes or plates, then later on the PC will particulat version of the game with boxes...
And once the box is Kratos, and the PC will not Kratos... at least officially

Devil-Raf 23.02.20

A little over a week after the release of Mortal Kombat on the PC, in the network appeared the first mod. It is designed by a gamer named blesner, which made all the bosses playable game. Simply put, players on PC can play as Goro, Kintaro or Shao Khan. At the moment, bugs and crashes are not detected, also no conflict with "normal" players yet.
Meanwhile, the Modder is working on importing Kratos.

In_live 23.02.20

and where mod to download it?

Ranmaru Rei 23.02.20

Fashion Kratos, yet. Playable bosses here: http://d-h.st/rpu

List of finishing moves here:

I Fatality: Forward, Back, Forward, Back, FK
II Fatality: Down, Down, Forward, Back, FP
Stage Fatality: Up, Up, Back, FP
Babality: Back, Back, Down, FK

I Fatality: Up, Up, Up, Up, FP
II Fatality: Up, Up, Up, Up, BP
Stage Fatality: Back, Down, Forward, Block
Babality: Down, Down, Down, Down, BK

I Fatality: Up, Up, Up, Up, FP
II Fatality: Up, Up, Up, Up, BP
Stage Fatality: Forward, Forward, Down, BP
Babality: not yet known

Fatality for them are close.

Vladislav Grafkin 23.02.20

Developers too lazy to put Kratos in a PC ?
And damn it as an exclusive 2 years later.

Richards 23.02.20

Icon replace Freddie, to write how to write all packs in ini files and the files themselves of the character, I wonder when the modmakers stir up or there is a problem so serious. Goro, Kintaro Shao Kahn, it's all boring.

Ryuzake 23.02.20

Kratos will be on PC most likely, if Sony ever goes bankrupt.