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Inkvizitor nubov 18.03.20 06:49 pm

Impressions of the game (Firewatch)

In advance created a topic, unsubscribe who like a game! For me the game will be atmospheric and, apparently, not a little exciting. I don't think the story than a surprise, but not a failure. We wait-with!))
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AdroV 18.03.20

Great game! Atmospheric. Initially reacted to the game with skepticism, but after playing on really, really sucked. Been waiting for this, but subtitles is a bit depressing. The translation is not always correct. Adventure lovers definitely reading.

Hirok 18.03.20

I hope that he is not another kooky person who in connection with the tragedy left in the woods, and it seems that it communicates by radio the woman is actually there.

SuperCheverev 18.03.20

a great game that went for 4 hours and got a lot of fun.Not a bit sorry about the money spent and time)

Valington 18.03.20

the game is essentially fun,and intrigue welling,neither of which is serious and challenging,and the landscapes I strongly resemble the cartoon Gravity falls...that's just the dialogues are not in the spirit of the time ' 80s

raketoff 18.03.20

Very cool work - was a breeze. Needs to be repeated. Brilliant!!!!

Oasis777 18.03.20

Passed the game. Recommend. A very interesting story. Beautiful unusual graphics. But...... the end was disappointing. In General, in the end stepped on the throat of his own song. Sorry.

DANger B.I.G. 18.03.20

Passed. Good game and to some extent distinctive. On the background of a large number of multi-million dollar blockbusters, Firewatch is perceived as a small and very personal adventure right gem! A game with soul! Emotions experienced about the same as during the passage of The Vanishing Of Ethan Carter.
Was pleasantly surprised by the ending, it is simple, I imagined it differently, more complex and deep, that is. But glad he was wrong, and it would be another cliche. The main thing in the game is the atmosphere and intrigue! During the passage, the story is cluttered with new details and mysteries, the questions accumulate rapidly, and the answers are never in a hurry. The game captures from the first minute and you can't get away, play, speculate and admire the spectacular views of wildlife. Despite the fact that it is impossible to tell what Firewatch is able to boast of sophisticated technology, games AAA-class, but despite this it looks very nice.
9.0. Not just a game but an art.

BpaTa 18.03.20

Damn, just went and hoped to see Delilah, but alas.... Or is it just me right?

Snite_Poerti 18.03.20

The story itself is good, if not ending, seriously I was hoping for some unexpected twist, like Henry killed the girls or is it all a dream Henry at the Hospital, Julia, something like that. But in the end the ending about that
SpoilerSome the boy died due to a dad I don't like.For me, Delilah and Henry are the main characters. And I want the finale was directly connected with them, not with third party.
The graphics are nice, the woods are cool. Had problems with navigation because of which I was a little lost (but that's my personal problem).
Music ladder, now climb on youtube for tracks.
In General, one night will do. The game leaves a trace in the memory but the strong emotion in the process of passing, I unfortunately have not experienced.

Kind_Stone 18.03.20

Perhaps the main feature of the plot dumbfounded, is the fact that..
Spoilerized mystical is going on there, no PIANO FROM the SKY onto your HEAD at the end no, it just ends without any surprises and mystery. Although I'm waiting for something... unusual. Because of the peaceful departure from the forest do not expect, from the absence of agents with automatismi or the maniac with an axe in the bushes, too.
And it's even good.
Polarogram camp of the poor scientists who studied lichens is a special treat. It is a pity that it's burnt.

AdroV 18.03.20

I didn't set it on fire, but he burned anyway)

The game has passed, and feelings of emptiness. I would like to) the same feeling called Soma, which I'd played and played.

bakshish 18.03.20

gameplay zero, played 20 minutes(he returned to the tower). Realized that play is not particularly desirable... watched excerpts on YouTube went to the next topic and this looked under the spoilers. All clear, spend time needless.

Despector94 18.03.20

Literally just passed the game.In the same breath,guys,in one breath. From the first lines catchy. The game is imbued with its unique atmosphere, the characters,even if they are on opposite sides of the radio, have your soul,characters. And it's all thanks to a simple conversation. The scenery in the game is amazing, music kudos, unobtrusive, beautiful and to the point. The ending satisfied me, all the topic.a little depart,will forget and will go again.Just because.

Crysis_Net_2 18.03.20

Very good Thriller, I recommend!

Mysterious plot
Visual style
The atmosphere
Acting work

The ending

Roman Helper Hogs S 18.03.20

how to enable 4K nichrome not plow press B on your controller and go to the main menu but the resolution is the same 1080 what the hell can cofig file it to register ??? where the config file is???

Werew01f 18.03.20

The ending is awful,like half of the game started to do on?%*rush.In the beginning, what mystic\mystery.
Don't waste time on the passage,besides the beautiful graphics there's nothing.And I got a little butthurt from a simple and meaningless endings and wasted time.
estimated at 3 out of 10

bakshish 18.03.20

about the beautiful graphics you have pogorechilsya!

mazaza 18.03.20

further spoilers
The game itself, if you play the role of a normal person, very catchy. Puzzles, mystery, adventure and romantic light. Passing it the first time, you can stay on the middle passage and put the toy 9 out of 10, in the same genre of course. But the ending quickly breaks off and your clock fall to half past five. In the beginning I thought that thing in me that I had to respond to some dialogue or... And here we are approaching a real assessment of the game. Namely, the extreme linearity where your cues on radio in General do not affect the ending, where you are driven by the same corridors, the map is very small. Let's just say, she is worth your 400 rubles, and the creators have potential, but they need a more thorough approach to the variability of decisions and consequences in their hope in the future games.

Waffen 18.03.20

The game is really just gorgeous.And more I have nothing to say
Spoilera rest until I find a phone Di......

Damir Tukanov 18.03.20

The game is just the bomb!
Every moment keeps in suspense!
Passed and want more.