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Antonio 24.03.20 11:57 pm

Gazebo moderator (Port Royale)

The topic is intended for questions to the moderator
(in case you're too lazy to write on E-Mail/ICQ).
E-Mail and ICQ number is in my profile.
But best of all, of course, to write in the messages.
There is news related to moderation of this forum and some news on the website.

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Antonio 24.03.20

Typhon asks, People !! How to make a screenshot ???

How to make a screen shot:
1. During the game press PrintScr, aka PrtScr.
2. Out of the game. Quickly exit the game by clicking the button with the WINDOWS icon.
3. Go to the photo editor. I use the Paint program.
4. There opens by default a blank slate. Click edit and Paste.
5. This will insert a picture of the entire screen.
- If you need only a fragment, then select it and click Copy.
6. Clean sheet and paste the selected fragment.
7. Give the pattern a name: File ? Save as ? the name of the picture.
8. Walk in details: drawing ? Attributes ? set the size.

The pictures can be of different extensions.
Here he writes -R7-: put your pictures in bmp and jpg. The drawings in bmp format weighs more than the pictures in jpg. The same png that does not lose its original colors as bmp weighs in 2 times less. Here and so.

Antonio 24.03.20

How to change the picture format to JPEG?
Tell 2 ways:
First - there are programs to view and work with images. Some of them allow you to change the picture format. For example, the program ACDsee. I have version 5.0. In the top menu bar has File edit View Operation Action. Select Transaction, select the Conversion format, select from the list the desired format, in this case JPEG.

The second method can be used with only the Paint program. To do this, find on your computer a picture of any size but in JPEG format. Copy this figure and reduce the size of the copied picture this: you go to the details drawing -> Attributes -> set the size of the fragment, for example, 10 width 10 height. If you copied the drawing was small, it can not be reduced.
Go back to the screenshot, open it, select all the image copy. Go in prepared little picture using Paint, inserting. The format will be JPEG, and the size of the picture to put it is not necessary, because the inserted picture was bigger and he pushed the edges of the image to the necessary size.
Give the pattern a name like this: File -> Save as -> Name the picture.

Antonio 24.03.20

How to insert a picture in the text field of the response on the forum.
1. Process the image so that it was small (to cut the field etc.), expose the relevant dimensions (attributes).
2. You come in up.li.ru or other similar resource.
3. A window will open, click "Browse", find on your computer the address of this figure.
4. Found? Then click the "Open" button and "Upload". Wait.
5. Resource up.li.ru will give you three props (I personally keep for themselves the whole page):
- Your file is uploaded to the server and is now available at;
- html code for file links;
- the html code for the image.
6. To embed the desired pattern of the last props the html code for the image
he further referred to as the "address of picture".
7. Insert into the text like this: your text goes to this butt.
8.See this thread FAQ on HTML tags and this FAQ tags v HTML.3.0.
When you edit a post that contains pictures, tag pictures it is necessary to remove all quotation marks.

Antonio 24.03.20

How to insert a picture in the text field of the response on the forum.
But if you go to http://imageshack.us/, then make all also: the button "Browse", find on your computer the address of this figure, then the "Open" button, but instead of "Download" there's a button "Host it".
This resource will give you five props, I use three: Hotlink for websites it looks like this: Image
Remove the beginning and end with
The phrase Image Hosted by ImageShack.us too clean, but where she was writing in Russian the name of the picture. Hover the cursor over exposed so the picture will appear the name of the picture. Moreover, if the name consists of two or more words, between them it is necessary to put vattelina.
Insert into the text like this:

your text goes to this butt.
When you edit a post that contains pictures, tag pictures it is necessary to remove all quotation marks.

Antonio 24.03.20

Where are the pictures?
Your pictures in a month or two may disappear from the forum. Here is what RealMan:
Images are periodically removed.
You can EV http://imageshack.us/ or up.li.ru
and your pictures will not be deleted.
???????For hosting the archives there are rules:
Uploaded file mime types image/jpeg image/jpg image/png image gif will be stored on the server for 6 months for registered users, and within 2 months for the users since the last request for a file to download. Note that if during the day after placing the file to him was less than 5 applications, the file may be automatically deleted.

Antonio 24.03.20

Found a couple of dictionaries of computer terms, here are the links:


And here you can enjoy the game

Antonio 24.03.20

Screenshots for the game Port Royale, see here:

Antonio 24.03.20

And You made the game Port Royale to the list of your favorite games?
This can be done with any game, the forum which is on PG.
In order to make the game Port Royale to the list of your favorite games have to pass on this link http://www.playground.ru/games/portroyale/
You will be taken to a page of news about the game Port Royale.
Find the right phrase Favorite games: click add.
Then in your profile to list favorite games will be added to Port Royale.
By the way, you can see who else chose Port Royale as your favorite game.

Antonio 24.03.20

Text taken from
Digest Issue #3. News of the week from PlayGround.ru.

To each according to his merit!
Traditionally, the first item on our news programs are directly associated with the native PG and its loyal users.
This time a pleasant surprise is prepared for all our users. In the near future PlayGround.ru the planned introduction of a reward system for registered visitors.
The awards will be of two types the good (for active participants of the forum life, creative people, etc.) and bad (notorious for flooding, bullies and other unpleasant items). The awards will be distributed automatically, while others will be awarded by decision of the administration. Received medal will be stored in the profile of the hero, signaling all of his services. The system is already running. So that you can begin to prepare his chest for medals.

Ribbon bar:


???????News - Those who are posting interesting information, news on the forum.

?????????Moderator of one or more forums.

?????????Employee of PG (admins, the dealer on the phone, special. for cheats, etc.)

RopnetClient Internet service provider Ropnet

??Happy Birthday!

?In the bath. Ban give on the severity of what you did. Sometimes immediately and permanently. For minor violations give yellow cards. After the third ban. But this does not mean that after the first warning, you can do anything, because the ban can be imposed ahead of time.

PIXYellow card - a warning.

?The bottle Tree
Every second will be for the New year

Cup Scholar ????? - several answers in different topics of the game Scrabble

The Cup winner ????? won the competition for the PG (for example, on the most beautiful or interesting screenshot).

According to Renat's still will be a medal:
Guru - icon in the beanie master (judge) in General, square brush. Mentors on the forums who answers questions, is FAQ.

For work - a little Golden scroll that is given for Fan art, stories and other creative work.

For merit to the forum - medal for other services )

Renat? says: I still don't know what will end up )

Antonio 24.03.20

Text taken from
Digest Issue #11. News of the week from PlayGround.ru.

PIXActive users of the service PIX.PlayGround.ru will not go without reward. For each added picture exactly on the day they will be awarded the medal PIX along with a link to the added file. By the way, do not forget to specify games for uploaded images, because the rating takes into account only those images which their author was attached to the games. So feel free to enrich the galleries of their favorite games with new images and win rewards.
???????Speaking of favorite games. Our database of games daily updated with new titles. Among them certainly there are those projects that fail to interest you. Add them to your Favourite games and will receive an honorary mark update favourite games for a period of three hours. However, other users will be able to know the name of your new favorite and maybe also add this game to your list. Well, if the toy did not meet your expectations feel free to get rid of her. But the icon will tell others that this game is worth a look or maybe to exclude it from the list of favorite games.

Awards can be disabled!
Those who do not like to see their own and other people's rewards, may disable viewing them.
To do this, go into edit your profile and include a function that blocks the display of awards. Details here in Your profile.
There at the end there is a line of Output awards on the website: Yes or no ?

Antonio 24.03.20

And this is the link to the game page Port Royal on the official website of 1C

Antonio 24.03.20

Text taken from
Digest Issue #18. News of the week from PlayGround.ru.
Today (16 may 2006) we can please you even at first sight insignificant, but for many a very pleasant innovation - now in the profile next to the name of each user will specify their gender, and female nicknames will be different in a different color. I hope that this will allow you to find new friends, and avoid incidents and ridiculous situations when communicating. Of course, the first new item in the profile will need to complete, so we are asking you to pay attention to it.

Antonio 24.03.20

How to insert links?

Link to user:
Work: miserablejudge

Link to another topic:
Modifying data
Work: Change data

Link to a specific post in this thread:
Modifying data
Work: Change data

A link to the forum:
Forum games Port Royale
Work: Forum games Port Royale

A possible way: http://forums.playground.ru/portroyale/
Work: http://forums.playground.ru/portroyale/

The usual link: http://i.playground.ru/i/33/05/00/00/pix/image.jpg

The link to the picture:
http://i.playground.ru/i/33/05/00/00/pix/image.jpg target=new
Work: http://i.playground.ru/i/33/05/00/00/pix/image.jpg

This figure works as a direct link to another large picture (screenshot). Enough 1 times to click on the picture left mouse button (LMB).

Antonio 24.03.20

Text taken from
Digest Issue #40. News of the week from PlayGround.ru.
The main news on PlayGround.ru this week the appearance of the pagination of the forums. Requested by many forum users, and our team, as always, went to meet them. Now you can save bandwidth and time, immediately getting to the desired page. In addition, we have improved the navigation on the forums. The number of pages displayed in the list of those allowing you to instantly find the right topics and get immediately in the right branch not only from the home page, but favorite forums. I hope that now you will become even easier and more enjoyable to communicate in our forums. Enable paging and set the number of messages on one page you can in your profile.

There at the end there is a line the Number of output messages in the thread forums. Options: 50 messages, 100, 200 or all.

Antonio 24.03.20

The forum prohibits writing and sending messages in other languages, except Russian. If it is impossible to use a Russian keyboard, you can use web keyboard website http://www.translit.ru or other similar means, for example http://israelinfo.ru/dictionary/ruklava.

Antonio 24.03.20

Check out the game!!!
Now you can give your evaluation games on a 10-point rating system.
In order to evaluate the game Port Royale, click on this link:

Grynja 24.03.20

Where at the moment you can download a crack (I was looking for through a search engine - Nimes nothing)

Antonio 24.03.20

Yes, buy a license. 1C is very well translated.
To buy the game Port Royal in the Ukraine here:


You can even search online shops for the hryvnia.

Grynja 24.03.20

Many thanks, order done - waiting for delivery.

Antonio 24.03.20

FAQ for HTML tags
Description: Bold text Tag: Text happens: the Text
Description: the italics Tag: Italic Work: Italic
Description: Blue underlined text Tag: Text Get: Text
Description: insert an image Tag: Example: and you Get:
Description: Link Tag: Description Example: Main page playground.ru Happens: Home page playground.ru
Description: Link-picture (shared tag) Tag: Example: Happens:
The host for the images: pix.playground.ru

O tags, see here: http://www.chebot.ru/tegs/center/