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Veresch 01.10.19 12:03 pm

Zy-El (Diablo 2)

People! help with the mod Zy-El
so in principle, everything is clear, but on the Internet there is no explanation why you need certain things.

1. yesterday has accumulated 100 000 and bought a crypt (pig), don't know what to do with it? poked it don't. mixed in a cube with a key! a miracle! appeared miniclip in one cell and the value of one penny. and what to do now?
2. why you need a ball (collector)! at first I thought that it could interfere in Cuba with different stuff, and will receive the ball greater value. it was, until it turned out some crap!
3. why do we need elixir cost 75 000

also would be nice if anyone share some secrets
and this Zy-El already under'Zy-El'ball :)

thanks in advance,
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IZYAL 01.10.19

I also nefiga neponyal with the mod so he screwed me and I have removed it on*** :(

vera kaz 01.10.19

And the rest of the stuff figured out how to use it? for example:
- a collector (I have it full now);
- the elixir (over 75000);
- plate with the inscription, it seems you have to collect them into a single image;
- found a small crate, which is called Red-purple I have no idea what to do with it;
scroll to the elixir, that don't work, I have accumulated a lot.
in the trunk there is a new small window in the lower left corner - nothing to put here, all that put - does not fit...

By the way if you collect a cube Hereticism two full man, it turns out the new thing, which I also do not know where to apply, it is signed as the magic Man IK closed and the size becomes 4 cells (3 full kolektsionera not going to Cuba.

vera kaz 01.10.19

I forgot to write that elixir, if it is to connect with the man, the man immediately filled up by about 50 units (may be that's meant to be)
In General, I so understood, what in man you can collect all magical items that you don't need and the money you have press's nowhere to put, you would collect all the magic that you find, but with these kolekcioniere to be next?

IZYAL 01.10.19

uuuuuuuuuuuuuuu the first girl who plays DIABLO !!!

T-ReX_Xupypr 01.10.19

BPoDe He /7epBa9I
a Bo BTopbIX BCe peL|e/7TbI ECTb B cubemain.txt ETo B /7a/7ke data\\\\global\\\\excel\\\\
ecJIu MOD mpq-LLIHbIu To cka4auTe winmpq u MO}I{eTe u3BJIe4b BCE txt
ecJIu mpq 3aLL|uFpoBaH(encrypted) To BaM Hado 6yDeT B winmpq uM/7opTupoBaTb listfiles for lod 1.10 or 1.11

Diabolik_Bnet_Dk 01.10.19

VO pervix daleko ne perva9 !!!!!!!!! vo vtorix ona ne igraet v diablo a igraet v diablo MODS k ( tage alino4ka , ecli mogno cka3at6 kagetc9 naverno devywka ) ...

vera kaz 01.10.19

Where to download? Give a reference:))
But in Diablo I have already played, even for a long time, passed everything, and now there are different informal fashion, at times interesting, that's like in the fashion of Diablo II - Zy-El there are many recipes in the cube, I would like to know how to use it.
Food for example, can be transformed into the elixir of life and mana. But to deal with the man, etc. I couldn't.

Veresch 01.10.19

3. why do we need elixir cost 75 000

found that elixir is the ingredient for an upgrade, boiling cool items and artifacts.

4. Why you need a box with the inscription the truth kollektsioniruya

found it to be a demon-box. it should cook in the cube with a demon key. it turns out the coolest thing, but with drain life attribute

5. Why do you need scraps images, nickels, vinyukov, Shrek, etc.

need to find three piece of one picture and put them into a cube
appears charm with the characteristics of the type a +500 hp, +1000 lightt dmg, +200 ac, etc.

JIOJI_2006 01.10.19

mnya already level 32 Druid !!!

Veresch 01.10.19

wimp :)

I have over a hundred a long time stepped

by the way, levelcap 5000 level

Zlyka 01.10.19

What is that black lvl 5000 ? how is that possible ? or the thing about Zy-El ? explain please.

Veresch 01.10.19

there are 100 in the skill to achieve

read here

Zlyka 01.10.19

Yes, I'm in English do not rummage :-(

Veresch 01.10.19

well then, be patient
description in Russian has not yet appeared :)

Zlyka 01.10.19

But as mostly of the mod, normal? better than Grapes of Wrath?

Veresch 01.10.19

there are + and -

IZYAL 01.10.19

The grapes of wrath is THE COOLEST MOD ON the D2

Zlyka 01.10.19


MadJack 01.10.19

To vera kaz
Hi Faith. Helped out-a-a-a-a-ay plz !!!
Please throw some realties file, (preferably. txt) with recipes and
all sorts of other good machine. Or so write something (eg.
about elixir, crypt, recipes with the collector, etc.).
Well, I will be VERY grateful!!! And it is impossible to LVL 160. over the assassin and began
Mad Jack, SPb. [email protected]

slon_typoi_kozel 01.10.19

Dude! Take 30 Potions, 30 pigs and 30 totes. skulls!!Cook turns SUPER Charm (+10000HP, +2000 Damage)