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Maks_Grain4 15.05.20 01:44 pm

How to proimote more than two buttons when you move? (Battlefield: Bad Company 2)

For example to move to the side.
Uncomfortable when in BC2 - I can't clamp both buttons (e.g. forward and left) because Of this feel uncomfortable, after other games. It is possible to fix it ?
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Denis Kyokushin 27.10.20

Now I started the game and noticed that during the run it is impossible to move left or right, only forward or backwards.
License on the drive
Win10 launched without problems

RikoChiko 27.10.20

If I understand you correctly, it's been implemented with BF3.

Olamawai 27.10.20

Rico Chico
That's the way it is...

bloomm 27.10.20

Side stretch it is not in BC2 such hardcore, as on the rails you go q) Mouse can direct where to run, or stop q)

Teraz 27.10.20

Rather, it was because of the implementation of the d8 was not available to the straight on the sides because 8 moss 2010 also can not do so. The only solution is to create an 8th mod that creates such a reality for this game or create a game from scratch with the same code but with the same setting as here.