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volodya22rus 15.05.20 03:39 pm

Installing mods on the pirates (SnowRunner)

Is there a mod KrAZ https://snowrunner.mod.io/krazchaborz
Does anyone know whether it is possible somehow to install on the pirates?
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Andrey Makarichev 14.10.20

Skinny photo or video instruction that something fails with this token mail asks in the game and the file is deleted

Guest 15.10.20

Thanks it worked for SnowRunner Update V7.0

Chargerr69 15.10.20

The problem was solved by re-creating the token, who is interested in the token to show up at the bottom of the page when creating, be careful.

Cepnoj_pEs 17.10.20

Thank you, man!
Only for the sake of these two words I registered on the forum

CaHTeX_ 17.10.20

Sps, it's fun)


Thank you very much, sir! Everything works on a repoka from Khatab, version of game 9.0. Also, as far as I understood, the token should be highlighted with quotes at the insertion, as without them the error 401 flew out. Thank you again! :)

Andrey Makarichev 17.10.20

You're my savior! Important!!! THE TOKEN SHOULD BE ALLOCATED TO THE FORKS!!!! Otherwise there will be a 401 error! The author of the method Minus for the fact that it did not specify! A lot of time lost, well that in the comments found the man solved the problem! Thank you!

CaHTeX_ 19.10.20

Andrey Makarichev
Is there a quote in the instructions? "There is. And the fact that you read inattentively are your personal problems.

pgall 21.10.20

CaHTeX_ wrote:

Ivan741 21.10.20

Installation of SnowRunner by Igruha mods, xatab v9.0 . Installation of mods SnowRunner pirate v9.0 put lyikos and subscribe If you go to my page in VK - Your Prince

Ivan741 21.10.20

Installation of SnowRunner by Igruha, xatab v9 0. Installing SnowRunner cards pirate v9.0 put lyikos and subscribe If we go to my page in VK - His Prince

Ivan741 21.10.20

If anything we go to my page in vk - His Prince

Leegat 12.11.20

It doesn't work, the game writes you are not subscribed to one of the mods, go to mod.io, subscribe, update and nothing. 9.0 Premium Power Version, Repack from InsaneRam'es with nEOS emu

Sanya Ignatenko 17.11.20

and who knows how on SnowRunner L 2020 10.4/10 DLC EGS-Rip install unloker mod on this version that dump files in the archive through winrar gives me a window impossible to rename denied access help please!!

samael 1 19.11.20

on version 10.1 something does not furt the way with a tokin, who did? Tell me how you can shake it up.

Guest 26.11.20

thanks works on version 10

Guest 29.11.20

i have problem with version 10.1, any authentication.json file i make it doesn't work, when i try to open the mod browser the game ask me a certification mail, but as soon as i press enter code 0 appear and stops, can someone help me?

kocacmerti 02.12.20

Sanya Ignatenko

remove the tick only reading in the properties of the archive and the problem will disappear

kocacmerti 02.12.20

Sanya Ignatenko

remove the tick only reading in the properties of the archive and the problem will disappear

Vasya Rogov12 02.12.20

samael 1
I have a 10.1 version, a repack. The token scheme works. Fashions are added directly from the game.
Token to create as:
1) Go to the page https://docs.mod.io/#authentication
2) There are 4 options for authentication, we need a fourth: "Manually create an OAuth 2 Access Token (Read and Write Access) - or create a test environment token"
Click here: OAuth 2 Access Token
3) And on the open page we are already creating a token.
The value of the token is long, more than 1500 characters