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Margarita Bencler 17.10.19 02:37 am

Dijkstra or Rocher? (The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt)

What do you think, who better to choose? Who is more wiser and better to become the king of Redania?
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Dmitriy77738 17.10.19


Eleks 17.10.19

Roche does not become king just on his initiative Temeria became a vassal Nilfgaard .

__DOC__ 17.10.19

Margarita Benzler
CHOICE=If you stand on the side of Dijkstra in the Reason of State completing the Assassin, a former spy becomes king of the North, through fear and imprisonment but the industry will develop.
=If you're with Roche and Weighing in the final, Reasons of State completing the Assassin, then Temeria will be restored having a certain amount of sovereignty. The war will end with peace and prosperity.

st029 17.10.19

I could not Roche and Thaler kill, soaked Dijkstra.

Fatum Sibir 17.10.19

Dijkstra lust for power head blown off, I told him her sword down, for nefig.

kriostaz 17.10.19

Here, as the soul lies at you)

MrGutlya 17.10.19

Dijkstra.... it turns out the smartest man in the Witcher (Unless Emhyr more)

JolyMau5 17.10.19

On the tyranny of the state does not go far. (Fear and intimidation)
To be precise, against Dykstra sooner or later will rise a rebellion.
People get tired of living in constant fear.

And what a ruler of a former spy and criminal authority?
It's like Geralt is on the throne Nilfgaard.

And Rocher all th seeking for his beloved country's sovereignty. No mad race for power, in contrast to Dijkstra.

Sakvo 17.10.19

Roshe're kind of a dick, but Dijkstra - asshole rare, so Roche.
If I could, the second leg would be broke)))

Fatum Sibir 17.10.19

Well, actually you can, in the quest where you need to pull the sorceress out of his bath, it is possible not to talk to him and send - then Geralt will say something like I'm sorry what happened to you you hit him on the jaw and lying will break his leg looked funny =)

But it is better to talk about, so the story will be better.

icebear2 17.10.19

I do not know like in the 2nd part of the Roche helped in all and 3 like Dijkstra is not much of a fuck. How to get will have to choose eh.

Stanislav_Batkovich 17.10.19

Anyone. I also like Nilfgaard, though a Northern man by itself (snow and all that). But then the game. Chose Roche. Retry will choose the Sigs of Reuven.

Xavier_29Th 17.10.19

Even though I dislike Nilfgaard with muddy Emperor, but still... anyway... choose Roche and Thaler dushku hand nor in life does not rise.

Sakvo 17.10.19

Fatum Sibir
Odd, I somehow missed it, go pereproydu)))
Thanks for the tip))

DemonKuts 17.10.19

two identical threads in a row... of Course Roche!!! and not only because the other, but it is also the Golden mean when choosing between the power of Radovid and the free North under the rule of Dijkstra.

Dearlight 17.10.19

Kurumi Tokisaki
Just the same all the way around.In fact, Thaler and Roche pass North milham do not like Dijkstra.Imgur captures the North.. by the way..Only tyrant Temeria less free.Here the question patriotism and principle as Dijkstra me out more than the right option.It all depends on point of view.Thaler and Roche only care about Temeria scoring on the rest of the North.Kind of selfishness and betrayal..Dijkstra thinks more globally and he is concerned about the fate of the entire North.So the choice is to a greater extent is formed between the entire North and a small part called Temeria.Though the outcome is cruel but I still tried to Dijkstra..

Dearlight 17.10.19

Fatum Sibir
This thirst is quite revealed in the dialogues.Put yourself in his place.You were one of those who created a prosperous powerful state and then some ghoul ruining it.Clearly the mood is not positive ))Yes, and in addition there is the danger that the whole of the North and Redania will be captured by nilami..Also the tone of be in power and fight back))

1rgsv1 17.10.19

Radovid maniac to keep him alive. I had not even considered.

Thaler and Roche patriots fanatics, they are ready for everything only to be hung on the wall lilies. Even if I have to go to Amhara every two weeks and do this thing, in turn.

Dijkstra , a strong leader ,what you need to state. Will resist Nilam and Emhyr will get what they deserve.

In General, the choice really depends on what we do with CRIS. If you make her the Empress, then of course choose Rocher, kill Dykstra as the only strong leader of the North. And make her a strong Empire in present.

If CRIS are doing vedmochka, to it is necessary to choose Dykstra, let Emhyr'll get your prize.

Danil01 17.10.19

BUT all empires sooner or later fall apart, so be it and Nilfgaardian

1rgsv1 17.10.19

Will happen , but not for age CRIS. There is no opposition, the war is won.... Will collapse, but not soon.