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vstorspb 01.09.19 02:09 pm

Playing multiple games at once?

I've a doubt exhausted. I've been in Dark Souls 3 stuck for a long time already played, I think 2/3 has passed, but still time yet to play. And here new games already were, and RE2, and Metro Exodus and Sekiro, and division 2 - and because I want them to check out. But it is not used to play several games at once. Like to dive. And if you start right now to play in parallel in something, it will be like kind of changed the game, itself, in General, weak - left. It's hard to describe.
And because you are igraete one by one in order? Or is it normal to play several games at once?
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MunchkiN 616 01.09.19

Igoryu game zagrevanja different and all, watch stream
and sometimes the passage to last for years
first wedlake for 2 years where it went

[Denis Aleksandrovich] 01.09.19

Don't like to play through force.Love in a treat.Play until there is interest.As soon as he loosens,you take that interest stronger.Return is always possible

Pirat_V_Zakone 01.09.19

No don't take another until you finish one.

airstorm 01.09.19

In the long game of strategy, where can I siegelets for 10-14 hours, sometimes make a break for something light, like shooter (Utreal Tournament best tool for me...) or some RPG not with a highly twisted plot and addictive atmosphere.

A.Soldier of Light 01.09.19

vstorspb wrote:
Or is it normal to play several games at once?
Better never to say about normal ) Everyone plays as he wants.
Yes, it is not time for the day two games was run, nothing special.

Ripper Man 01.09.19

This is undesirable because it becomes a habit. But I suppose new Vegas passed avidly from morning until night. Breaks in counter spikes to unwind

Fobosre5 01.09.19

Always play a few. But there is one other more addictive.

singinman 11.04.22

I start a couple, but as a result I play some one

Pecos_Bill 11.04.22

On the contrary, I play more different games than one. Especially if not one has gone through much yet, so I can change 10 games in a week. Then it somehow draws one of them in and I play it to the end. And as I pass, so again the spire in several at once

Dogmeat 11.04.22

And how do you play one after the other, in order? Or is it okay to play multiple games at once?

This is silly. Usually this characterizes that a person is extremely young and inexperienced and does not know what he wants. As you get older, you stop moving. Moreover, if you jump from one story game to another, it knocks down the impression of the game. It's just like watching one movie for 5 minutes, watching another movie for 5 minutes.

SemiStall 11.04.22

I play several games at once. I can’t sit in one game for a long time, I get bored. Sometimes, of course, they drag out for 50 hours, but then I still change the game. But almost all the games I go through all the achievements, slowly.

Spiny 11.04.22

I have 2 monitors. He also did this: he played an MMORPG, and on the second monitor he launched a movie or series and at the same time managed to enter mobile games.

legusor 11.04.22

I always go through 3-4 games at the same time. if there is nothing at the bakery, I sit in emulators. I can't stand strategy, turn-based, card games, survival games, MMOs and session games, because the monotony quickly gets boring.

Anderby 11.04.22

One at home, one on a portable with you.

A.Soldier of Light 11.04.22

SemyStall wrote:
But almost all the games I go through all the achievements, slowly.
That's the way it should be, the right strategy ;]
You can play two games: you play one for an hour or two (RPG), the second for half an hour maximum (some kind of shooter).

Dogmeat 11.04.22

A.Soldier of Light
You can play two games: you play one for an hour or two (RPG), the second for half an hour maximum (some kind of shooter).

It is possible, but why?

BIG_CrasheR 11.04.22

I played 2 games at the same time (overclocking the CPU and RAM). If the first one passed the first time without cheats in an hour, the second week passed.

LightHOwUSE 11.04.22

Only not key in the plot. For example, you can show in Mordor, go shoot at Sniper Elite tomorrow, and tomorrow get stuck in Watch Dogs just run around the city, and then shoot Call of Duty MW3 at Outpost. There is a plot in these games, but it is, as it were, separate. These games make it possible to practically separate the story and freeplay.

But the list ended there. Games like Massych, Space, Stalkach, Folych, Daing Light and the like are TERRIBLY played in a break into a different atmosphere. And games like XCOM 2 or FTL are just undesirable in interruption due to a number of important details that you constantly need to keep in mind, which are forgotten and lost during breaks, because of which everything goes to hell (of course, if you play on an interesting difficulty, and not on the islands). A little less, but nonetheless - the same applies to strategies, like the Wars of Tiberius or Behind Enemy Lines. Timings are good when served hot)

So the answer is simple. An approximate list of games that you can stick to at will is on top. And they can be played with pleasure from time to time. But you can PASS only one game, only in this case the inextricable journey from cover to cover is not lost.

Oleg Dudin 11.04.22

And I often get bored of playing one game for a long time. Therefore, for several years now I have been playing several games in parallel at once. 20-30 minutes each. Spudding emulators of old games, I try to cover more. Such a kaleidoscope is even invigorating. :) True, sometimes (as in the same recent "Psychonauts") one level takes an hour (especially at the final circus).

Zeash Denan 11.04.22

I’ve been running a strategy on a laptop, on a stationary fallout 4 I’ve been finishing it since 2015, and I alternate a few races for the steering wheel + two online games.